So, I was at the boutique today & asked about PCE...

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  1. And the SA was very vague about when it would be! And she had previously told me she's worked there for 7 years! What's up with that? Anyway, we had talked about various bags for at least 10 minutes & she was very personable. Once I asked about the upcoming PCE, I thought she was a little stand-offish! She said only people that shop at the boutique would get an invite, so I asked if you had to spend a certain amount within a certain amount of time & she just said there is a list & the invite goes out to the list.

    I wonder if she was just trying to get me to purchase something today by saying only people that shop there get the invite? Are the Coach SA's on commission or something? I thought it was a bit strange that she wouldn't give me any info. :confused1:
  2. No, I don't think she was just trying to get you to buy something. You do need to be a customer to get the invite. It's unclear how the whole thing works. Some people on here say it's completely random and the computer assigns people to the list, others say you need to be a big purchaser to get the invites.

    I get the invites, but I buy a lot of stuff. Although, I got my first invite after buying just two bags in a boutique, and one at an outlet, so I don't know how it works.
  3. ^^ Just two? :graucho: and why have I never seen pics of your collection? :smile:
  4. I was at the boutique today and the SA who I think is also a manager said the event starts next Friday and letters are going out tomorrow. It will run until the 17th. She assured me that even if I didn't get a letter she would give me a card when I went in.
  5. We don't give out much, if any, info because it's one of our best-kept secrets and a lot of people would harass us about it and/or gripe for not getting an invite if we publicized it. We keep it on the DL and our best customers get invites; it's a reward, a privilege, not a right. Can you imagine the chaos if we publicized it? :nuts: We already hear too much about it from everyone as it is! LOL. If you think about it there are actually plenty of reasons for us to keep quiet about it. Why would someone buy something one week if they KNEW PCE was going to be in a month and could wait and buy it then? I wish I could say more but :whistle:

    And, no, we are not on commission. :nogood:

  6. Exactly.....
  7. Yep, just two. By that time I had bought a signature soho flap at the outlet, then the indigo patchwork tote, and the brown vachetta Legacy pocket shoulder tote. So the two that I'd bought were pricey. *L* Then right after I bought those two boutique bags, I got the PCE invite. Like literally a week later.

    As for my collection, I dunno? *L* I posted pictures in the Coach collection thread months ago. Then I realized I'd left my stupid camera charging cable in San Diego when I moved, so I only just got it back.

    Here are the pictures of my collection as of a couple months ago. Since then I've exchanged the khaki/saddle large Carly, and returned the Soho large satchel because the handles bled onto the bag. *sniffle* I've added since then...a signature stripe planner in crimson, a vachetta large ergo tote, and a turquoise ergo large hobo, a bumble bee keyfob, an apple keyfob, a watercolor stripe oblong and ponytail scarf, and a large (square) scribble flower scarf. I think that may be it...Oh, no I got rid of the signature strap watch and instead got the metal one with the same face, but the steel band.

  8. ^^:drool: You have some AMAZING pieces there!
  9. Lucky you! ;)

    I just called my Coach boutique and they told me you have to be on the list this time to receive the discount... Ugh! I didn't receive one last time and I don't think I'll receive one this time. I returned 3 bags in the span of 6 weeks and I think that probably disqualified me... Since the last PCE, I've only purchased through Coach CS.. not in-store.
  10. Thanks! I love Coach. I've strayed twice, once to Chanel, and once to Fendi, but I always come back to Coach, it's my favorite.

    Unfortunately, I always gravitate towards the more expensive, leather bags. *L*
  11. ^^I want a Spy sooooo bad. I can almost taste it.
  12. Wow Stophle! That is SOME collection! You've got some awesome pieces there!

    I guess I understand the hesitancy of the SA to tell me much, but I felt that since I already knew about it, she would volunteer more info. I specifically asked about the PCE & told her I heard it was going to be in June. It just seems that a lot of ladies here on TPF have received the PCE just for asking, so I thought it couldn't do any harm.
  13. You should wait until the PCE event is actually going on to ask for the discount; you'll know it's going on because everyone on this thread will talk about it :yes:. Beforehand you'll learn as little as possible from the SA's. We're sneaky like that :graucho: under strict orders from above, of course! It's not that we don't WANT to tell you, we just can't!
  14. NICE collection, Stophle!

    I love that cheerleader on your siggie, Sarah!
  15. Thank you! [​IMG]

    I got her from another tPF'er that had her in their siggie. I LOVE HER! :girlsigh: :tender: