So i was at NM Last Call..

  1. And they had tons of Marc Jacobs bags.. Mostly Sophia and Multipockets but a couple Venetia and one very gorgeous and lonely light pink (i believe it's called 'Petal') Blake. I immediately fell in love and tried in on in the mirror.. perfect! I zipped open one side.. the pretttiiessttt suede! I'm falling. I zip open the other side...

    My heart.. sinks.


    What the **** IS THAT?!!!

    It's all i've been thinking about the last day.. I can't believe some idiot would do this.. I SO want this bag. It was so pretty and perfeccttt :crybaby:
  2. Aw, that's awful. I don't know who would do that to THE BAG. I'd buy it if they discounted it another 30 or 40 percent from the sales price.
  3. I asked and they were only willing to go down another 10%, sooo lame. And even then.. i'd be so embarrassed to open it at a store or something.. It was obviously written with a sharpie.. *sigh*
  4. mmm, I hope you dropped it down in front of them and walked out. 10 percent is nothing. Hopefully no one buys it and then you can come back and ask again.
  5. looks like they marked down bags literally. :wtf:
  6. that's awful! what an idiot... i know they mark down some bags like that if the tags missing or something, but gads, does this person live in a cave?!?
  7. :cursing: Ugh! My blood pressure! Please! Not so early in the morning!! That deserves a swift kick in the booty!!!!!!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. Defiling a perfectly fabulous bag should be illegal!
  9. :cursing: URGH which idiot would do that?? even if the tag comes off, stick on a new tag! who on earth marks the lining of a gorgeous bag???

    I'm so sorry to hear that, it's very difficult when u fall in love w a bag only find out there's a flaw.

    10% is nothing, did u try to talk to the manager? sometimes i find that they are able to do more than the SAs....
  10. sammydoll, i love that you took a picture of it in the store! that is a disgusting sight. did you notice if other bags had been similarly defiled?

    i'm guessing it was a man who did that :shrugs:
  11. I've seen that before...but not as bad. Someone wrote a serial number or model number in gold inky pen on the burgandy suede in the inside pocket of a MJ gold baby stam I bought (and later sold). It was in the inside pocket, so I didn't really care, but still thought it was pretty strange...

    It was ALSO from NM Last Call...why do they do that???
  12. Oh that sucks. I've seen that on clothes but on a designer bag? What were they thinking!!!
  13. How horrible is that??? You should definitely receive a bigger discount!! I can't believe someone would do that to such a gorgeous bag! My heart feels for ya, sammydoll!!
  14. Yes, there were two other Marc Jacobs that i picked up afterwards that also had simular things.. I asked the SA about it and she said they recently hired some inexperienced kids and it was suppose to be written verrryy small in a bottom corner and instead they ended up doing THAT to a handful of bags! So sad! That's one of the things i can't sand about NM Last Call and Off Saks.. the staff in the ones near me are totally unknowledgable and not helpful!
  15. YUCK!! That's horrible!!! I'm so sorry sammydoll...I can only imagine how disappointed you were.:sad: