so i was at macy's today

  1. because on my day off, my other boss calls me and i realized an error i made so i had to go downtown.

    i was debating between the carly in camel leather and the signature black. i hate the signature but it's lighter then leather and i'm going to get the larger size for sure, plus it's 100$ less (always a plus) and the C's are not that noticeable if at all. but i love the yellow lining in the camel carly and that color is pretty, but i worry about it getting dirty as it's going to be solely a "school, beat around bag" BUT this girl i will see on a fairly regular basis has it, and we dislike each other, even though i wanted it first, she beat me to the punch, so she has the black signature carly as well.

    lots of drama sorry! but if you have any advice about that it would be welcomed!

    anyways, didn't want to ruin conversion so i went to macy's instead to try on the bags (that and my store is completely sold out except for two leather carlys, one in camel the smaller size, and one in black, the larger, none of which i was considering)

    surprise surprise macy's had all of them in stock so i was able to try them on and debate (still can't decide)

    but i saw the metallic bags there! andddddddddd

    a similar version except the body is made of entirely vachetta. yup. with metallic details on the outside they had the hobo at 598$ and the satchel...i didn't bother to check the price.

    i wish i had my camera so i could take pics. they also had this bag that i haven't seen yet, it's like the soho flap but the shape is more rectangle then hoboish and the flap goes all the way down, instead of part like the ones in store now, and has a huge buckle.

    macy's has the andrea satchel and ergo bags as signature and leather. but no white color or pond....

    i almost wished i could've used my discount at macys. sigh. nothing like instant gradification.

    just thought i'd share! it was union square macy's just in case anyone wants to pick up those bags.
  2. Would you consider the large gallery tote is balck sig? I know its no carly, but for a school/every day bag I think you should really get a signature because of its durability. Even if you go with the Carly in black you can totally make yours unique by adding a cute ponytail scarf or charms.

    Thanks for the info on macys! And do keep us updated on what you decide to get.
  3. i LOVED the carly in black sig...i would have gotten that if i weren't so determined to have some color (thus why i got the khaki sig with blue...but i'm not sure how much i'll like it...).

    and those all vachetta bags...ugh. you'd have to be way too careful with that.
  4. I vote for the signature black since I don't care too much for the leather camel. I have the black leather one and love it, but it is pretty heavy
  5. black signature carly for sure, i was in Macy trying them out for size and just loved the lightness of it.
  6. The extra large flap! It's a flagship bag right now I think, I hate that macys has it :sad: I'm just glad perfume is exclusive to us!
  7. I have the black sig large Carly and I love it! It's my everyday bag right now.
  8. all vachetta on a coach bag?
  9. Yeah they just expanded both the Dooney and Coach counters at one of the smaller Macy's I shop at. They used to share a counter, now each have their own.

    This Macy's had the Carlys too. I am still holding out for the Angora/Khaki version. We know I am a signature lover, so of course I vote for the black signature.
  10. I think the black sig carly is very classy. Then you won't have to worry about it getting beat up like the vachetta. That leather is sooo soft.
  11. for now! i read in the WWD that there may be plans to distribute it to department stores.

    oh. and the perfume is set to be out march, i have a feeling that the "samples" they give to certain customers will be the same for us, because orignally the number was set at 200,000 but now it's 500,000 samples?!

    hmm...i really want the solid perfume one. i think i'll end up getting that and the purse size.

    thanks for all the comments pple! i may end up getting the black carly but i want to dig around more and see about the ergo.

    tough! being a college student = broke and around all those bags...working everyday is fun but it kinda sucks b/c i want this bag and that bag...:p