So I was at Macy's today.....

  1. ....looking at dresses, and came across one with a vaguely familiar print.....
  2. A dress? Really?? Wow
  3. Was it???
    No way!
    From the catalog???
  4. what was the brand? coach?
  5. I saw something similar at Dillards in the fall and freaked out a little. I didn't recognize the brand but it wasn't Coach!
  6. So it's not coach, right?
  7. :shocked: Did ya get it???
  8. I didn't, my girls are WAY to big for a low-cut wrap dress! But I have a bag (or 2) that it would be cute with!
  9. that's a bit of overkill...
  10. I can't remember the brand (NY something or something NY), but it was $58 and then another 30% off. I was looking at another rack, and it caught my eye because I was looking for something with a black/white print. I went to look at it, and was like "oh this is kinda cute"....kept looking and was like "OMG are those Cs on it?!?!":wtf: It wasn't a perfect pattern, but to the untrained eye, it would definitely look like Coach.

    Came thisclose to getting it (after all it was a cute black/white print wrap dress) but walking to the fitting room to try it on, I got a visual of somebody coming up to me like "are you wearing a Coach dress?" after which I turned back around and put it back on the rack......