So I was at Bloomies today trying on the Natural Blake...

  1. And I wasn't supposed to be told this but I could get it for 15% off and $100 off plus another $25.00 coupon I had. About $800 with tax...but I let it go. YAY FOR ME!
    I decided to not cheat on my emerald blake LOL
    and decided that this was TOO SOON for another..........

    and here I am hours later...deciding if I should bid on another blake on eBay. I am a Marc Jacobs LOVER.
    But when is enough... ENOUGH? LOL

    luv ya gals!!!:smile:
  2. OMG *having a hard time breathing....*

    Was it a bloomies other than fashion island or orlando?
  3. Wow, you are STRONG!! :dothewave:
    I don't know if I could've passed up that deal!! Emerald will mean so much more to you when you get her!
  4. You definitely have more will power than me!
  5. I know when to hold 'em ... OLOLOLOLOL
    I've been lucky. From bloomies in NY!
    I got a oat venetia for $400 last summer - it was just sitting there. And I just got my Emerald Blake for about $6 & change....LOL!!! I wasn't suppose to be told that MJ was included but b/c the SA made a mistake - they said they'd honor it for me. But I can't spend another $800 on a bag right now so I will wait it out - if you keep watching and shopping on Wednesdays (yes! Wednesdays are such a great day!! you're bound to bump into a great deal. Shopping is a sport - right?? Instead,I got the Rust Botkier Bella Clutch instead LOLOL!!!!! BTW - that Denim color is BEAUTIFUL TOO!!