So I was an idpit and got my bag wet in the rain today! HELP!

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  1. What can I do!?!? I got my new Brown Ali wet in the rain this morning and the water stains are not fading . . . . HELP!

    I have gotten other bags a little wet and the spots go away, but it is not going away on the Brown Legacy Leather!

    Edit: apparently I don't know how to spell either!
  2. ooh, I'd like to know too. I've never had a vintage leather bag and am curious on how to treat this if it happens!
  3. Oh man, unfortunately there isnt anything you can do for waterstains. Was the bag previously treated?
  4. Sniff, sniff . . . no. How do I treat it? What do I use?
  5. Well lots of times girls will treat their bags with sprays or creams to help protect from water damage. The only problem is now that the stains are already there they more than likely cant be treated. Hopefully someone will have better adivce for you.:yes:
  6. I don't think you're supposed to treat the vintage leather the Ali's are made of with the Coach products. I'd try calling Coach CS and see if they have any suggestions.
  7. The vintage leather is an aging leather so as you continue to carry it, the oils in your skin will darken the leather so hopefully the spots will blend.

    Good luck!

    And I carry a plastic bag in my makeup pouch (like my grandma and a rain bonnet!) just in case I get stuck with out an umbrella!

  8. This is what I was hoping for! I keep trying to rub them out and it helps a little. Basically they are mainly just on the strap which on my Ali, is lighter than the rest of the bag. I am going to try and call CS as well. Thanks ladies!
  9. My whiskey shoulder got wet and eventually, the water stains faded out. You can try to rub them a bit w/the oil from your face (the SAs always suggest rubbing your fingers on your forehead and then rubbing them on the bag). Don't worry, they'll fade in time!
  10. Thank you for the reassuance!
  11. Please don't feel bad. I got my whiskey Ali and my Whiskey Hippie bag wet with water spots. The Coach Card in your zipper pocket of the bag states that this is a vintage leather and cannot be cleaned. The water spots will hopefully meld into the bag over time. I know how you feel. You really should not have to put your bag in a plastic bag to keep it safe. All Bags water stains should dry. The ones I have gotten on my vachetta leather tote and hobo have dried and leave not stains at all. That is why these are my go to bags.