So I was a pseudo-personal shopper this weekend....

  1. Well, in my own closet for my mom and sis, at least. My sis was looking for a tote for school (she's 21 and in college) so I said, "Well then, let me take you up to my store." :lol:My mom came with us since she's never really seen my closet--nothing special--but I have an understanding DH who lets me occupy 3 walls of our closet with my stuff while he has one wall of his. Anyway, so we 3 ladies stood in my closet and my sister found a tote that would suit her needs (LV Vavin GM) and my mom found a COACH sig satchel that she thought was cute because she likes the C's. She said, "I already have 2 other bags on loan from you." (I actually gave them to her, but she still says they're on loan!) I told her, "Mom, I'd rather you use and enjoy these bags instead of having them just sit here, especially if they haven't been used in a while."

    Anyway, I had a good time dishing advice to them about bags, function, material, etc. For awhile, I was the only one in my family that had this bag hobby. I still am the only one, but now my mom and sis are able to enjoy it with me. They won't buy themselves these bags, but I surely will if I know they'll like them. I've come to the conclusion that my sister carries an LV or Juicy purse very well and my mom looks absolutely awesome with COACH.

    Just wanted to share my lil' story with you ladies!
  2. What a sweet sister and daughter you are! :love: That is such a great bonding girly moment too, huh?!? :tup:
  3. You are so sweet!!
  4. what a great story, you're a real sweetie!
  5. Thanks! :shame: It really is a great bonding girly moment!
  6. Great story! I wish I lived closer to my family to share my Coach love, too! My youngest sis would be the only one who loves Coach as much as I do but she can't afford them like I can. I think that's why I like tPF so much, cuz tPF is my Coach family away from home!
  7. You are so sweet! That is such a great bonding story!
  8. Awww, that is sweet! No one in my family cares about bags like me and none of my friends do either. Good thing I have tpf!
  9. What a great story! Sounds like you've got a wonderful family there.
  10. Thanks!!