So.... I want to buy a mulberry.. help!

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  1. Hiya

    I'm a bit of a mulberry noob
    so sorry for stupid questions!

    I'm after a Tillie (actually I'd be open to other decent sized styles too, esp if rose gold hardware)
    in either a brown, beige, nude, taupe etc (neutral)
    I'm open to most finishes, (suede, leather, quilted, fabric, anything!)
    and love rose gold hardware (but it's not a must)

    Any suggestions of style / colour / finish that fits that criteria that I would be likely to be able to find?

    I know the outlet stock varies, but I feel if I had a specific style or 2 to ask/look for I might get more luck!

    also how much should I expect to pay for a tillie at outlet prices, I'm hoping to only spend around £400, is that realistic? which finish is the cheapest?

    thanks in advance

    Milly x
  2. Hi Milly,

    I think the only tillie that hard rose gold hardware was the sparkle tweed, but I think that it's already been available in the outlets. I think the regular size satchels (soft matte leather) go for around £477 & the oversized versions goes for over £500. If your budget is £400, you may have to look for a preloved on ebay or other sites. Best bet is to look through the outlet threads to see which ones have cropped up. Good luck with your search

    Archived outlet thread - I'd suggest putting a search for tillie in the thread

  3. Oh WOW
    Sparkle tweed *dies*
    just googled it and it's gorgeous, sad it wont be at an outlet
    I'll have to stalk ebay!
  4. oh giddy god,
    thats absolutely beautiful
    I'd totally go for that instead of a tillie,
    both that and the sparkle tweed tillie are exactly what I'm looking for
    Thanks so much guys,
    no chance at an outlet though?
    So ebay it is!
  5. I thought it was really pricy too, I'm sure others will pop up. :smile:

  6. It would be more likely to be found on ebay I have not heard of one of these being at an outlet for a long time but every so often things pop up in dark corners in Shepton might be worth asking them?
  7. Wait until the right one comes along sometimes things can be priced at levels they might never really achieve auction ones are usually better and remember to get it checked on the auth this thread first
  8. Hi Milly,

    This small bayswater satchel is slightly higher than your budget but it is lush & has rose gold hardware
  9. Hi I think I have seen a couple of oak sparkle tweed mulberry bags on eBay Alexa and Tillie sizes not sure off hand which style they were.
    If you did a search for oak sparkle Tweed mulberry I am sure they would come up :smile:
  10. Hello, so excited your thinking of getting a mulberry! Hehe but to be honest, as it is your first mulberry would you want something a bit more hard wearing and not so delicate? Or maybe a darker colour with rg? I have the sparkle tweed tillie, and whilst its a gorgeous colour with rg details, i do find i have to baby it alot. I don't use it as much as i would like, infact probably only twice this year. But ..... *** a mulberry enthusiast, any mulberry you end up getting i shall be thrilled for you. Look forward to seeing your reveal! :smile:
  11. Final suggestion,

    there's a sparkle tweed daria satchel on ebay with rose gold hardware