So I wait 7 days and now wait 7 days more

  1. eBay can be such a royal PITA!

    I have a non paying bidder and today is the eighth day so I filed a NPB today. Now to give it another 7 days before I can do anything else. I think having to wait 14 days is ridiculous. I really hope this bidder does not respond to the claim so I can neg her without getting it in return.

    This is why I almost never do auction style listings but rather BIN w/ immediate payment requried.
  2. I agree, I think the first 8 days is long enough....
  3. Ugh, I totally understand.

    Get this- I sold a Kooba bag on Dec. 2. I tried contacting the buyer multiple times, so I opened up an unpaid item dispute on the 8th day. Seven days go by with no response and tomorrow is the 8th day the dispute has been open, so I was going to close it and get my FVF back. The buyer JUST sent me payment! She wrote me a whole sob story about how her internet went down and she couldn't find internet anywhere to pay me (um, ok, she lives in LA, I'm pretty sure you can find internet somewhere). Then she requests FREE upgraded shipping because she's worried the bag won't get to her in time for Christmas. Maybe if she'd paid TWO WEEKS ago it wouldn't be a problem LOL. I told her she can pay for the upgrade if she wants it. I'm glad I finally got paid but I'm still kind of mad at her! If I hadn't just gone on a handbag buying spree (and didn't need to pay for it all!) I wouldn't sell it to her. She's definitely not getting good feedback from me!
  4. I can't believe she asked for upgraded free shipping!!:nuts: I was without internet once while I was selling.....I bought a wi-fi card and went to Panera, my sisters house, my friends, and my local library! It was a PITA but I made it work and nobody waited 8 days for a response.:nogood:
  5. I had a similar story where I filed a dispute on the 8th day (having received no replies to my messages) and I received payment 4 days after that - no explanation! In the end, she received it and thanked me and I was happy to leave it at that.
  6. One of my auctions just ended. The buyer got a steal, so why are they waiting to pay? I seem to get great buyers that pay asap, just not the ones that owe pocket change:shocked:. They emailed me stating they would pay on the 7th day. Very strange.
  7. Oh ugh, I hate the 14-15 day wait too. I have one hanging over my head as well and it's just so frustrating!!! :cursing:

    If someone emails me to say that they will pay on the 7th day or something, I really don't mind that too much because at least they're communicating and not just disappearing out into the ether...I understand that sometimes people need to wait to get paid, or they're crunched for funds at the holidays, etc. As long as they talk to me, I'm pretty cool with waiting a reasonable amount of time.
  8. ^ I agree! As long as they let me know what's going on, I'm fine. In my auctions I say payment is due within 4 days, but obviously eBay gives the buyer 7 days to pay. On the 5th day, I always email them and say something like "Hi- just wondering if you needed an extra day or two for payment. Please let me know, and I will be more than willing to work with you!"
  9. ^^I agree with you....however, I have 2 buyers right now who are stringing me along saying that they mailed the money order to me and that I should get it soon. That's over 5 days ago! Plus, they answer their emails whenever they feel like it...when I am about to file NPBs is when they will answer my emails. Soooo frustrating. This is the first time in my 13 years of ebaying have I had such problems with buyers not paying immediately. :hysteric:
  10. ^ Oh, that's not good- they're definitely abusing your kindness! I used to accept money orders until I started getting false claims that they were sent to me, so now I just take PayPal. I hope you get your payment soon!
  11. Today is day 3 since I filed the NPB and she has not responded. I am really hopeful that she won't and I really doubt that she will. She is quite new and I doubt she knows that I will be able to neg her without getting a neg in return if she doesn't reply.
  12. I have one more day to wait until I can neg this bidder. As of this morning, she has recieved 4 new negs from others all for non payment. Her rating is now down to 63% or something.