So I TRIED to buy some of the Coach jewelry today BUT...

  1. I went to the mall again today, its hot here and there is only so much packing and cleaning I can do in one day. So I took a shower, threw on some makeup (so as not to scare anyone) and went to JUST buy some pizza for lunch.

    Ate and then wandered into Coach. I decided I was going to buy myself any early bday present. So I chose the sterling hoop earrings, and the sterling tiffany style medallion bracelet. Got to the register, took out my Amex and the SA who knows me very well, all of a sudden was stuttering and stamering and then went and whispered to her boss, I was like "whats going on?".

    Well, it turns out my daughter had called them today beacuse I mentioned I was going to Coach. She bought me the same thing for my birthday! I had put them on my wishlist.

    Isnt that sweet? They could have just had me pay for them and I would have returned them, but I guess they were stunned I was buying the same things. ha.

    Now I have to wait till next week. dammit.

  2. aw that is sweeettt.
    When you do get the tiffany style bracelet,
    can you PM me and tell me how you like/love it?
    Cause I'm reeealy considering buying one :]
  3. My bday is next weekend, but its REALLY hard for my daughter to withold presents. I really love the bracelet and think its better than any Tiffany one. I love the clasp too.
  4. What a wonderful surprised! Your daughter is a sweetie. How funny for the SA though. That bracelet is on my wishlist as well.
  5. Awww.....that's too sweet!! Here's hoping that either the week goes by fast or your daughter not being able to hold out!!
  6. awwww so nice of your daughter.. Happy Birthday
  7. Donna, that's awesome! What a great dd you have.

    packing? are you moving again?
  8. man that's crazy!! i wish that would happen to me *sigh*

    can't wait to see pics!!
  9. What a nice and thoughtful daughter you have! I laughed when I read that it's hard for her to withhold presents because I am the same exact way. Whenever I buy something for someone I always try to give it to them early because I can't stand waiting!

    I also can't wait to see your beautiful new things! :yes:
  10. I have a quick question about the bracelet- do you know how long it is? I have larger wrists and I need an 8 inch length. TIA!:nuts:
  11. Whoa! Me too!!! I am excited to know!

    Great gifts, lady! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  12. Perfectly SWEEEET! Happy Birthday to you!
  13. Aww, that's so sweet of your daughter.
  14. That is such a sweet thing for your daughter to do!!! Happy early bday!
  15. That is a great story - what an awesome birthday gift.