So I travelled overseas today

  1. From Frankfurt to Columbus, via Charlotte. Everything went very smoothly, except for the strong enforcement of the new rule that no liquids are allowed in your carry on. No mascara, no lip gloss, no eye drops. If you plan on flying in the next weeks, keep that in mind.

    Once I arrived in Charlotte, they urged everyone to move water bottles, even lip sticks into the check-in luggage... crazy.

    To put it in the words of my deer pakistani friend Imran (who just learned that it was mainly pakistani folks planning the terrorist attacks):

    "those m:censor:rf:censor:ers are really dragging all the rest of us in deep ****"

    Sad world we live in. :hrmm::throwup:
  2. Im very happy you are safe and sound Vlad.
  3. Glad you made the trip okay :smile:
  4. Yes, the whole thing is just out of control craziness. I have been watching it on the news. Im so glad you are safe and sound now. Get lots of rest and enjoy the good ol' U.S. of A!!
  5. Sorry you had to travel like that..Its a sad thing indeed.
  6. Glad you got back home safe and sound (well...home as in USA).
  7. Weirdest thing is... 5 years ago, I was scheduled to fly back from GER to Cbus on September 12th. Ehm, yeah.

    I won't be getting much rest, tomorrow morning, 8:55am, the Vladinator is heading to his Mistress to New York f'in City!
  8. Vlads is back :smile: .......Welcome home... glad you made it back ok
  9. Welcome Home Vlad! Im glad you had a relatively safe flight!:flowers:
  10. feww,.. no delays for you!!!
  11. Yey!!! Welcome back to the states Vlad!
  12. Glad you had a safe flight.
  13. Glad you are in good spirits despite the insnaity the new restrictions caused today in the airports.
  14. Glad you made it back safely Vlad!
  15. :yes: glad your trip home was safe Vlad! {{{hugs!}}}

    My DH had to fly this morning, he hadn't watched the news so I called him and warned him.
    This whole thing is a bummer for obvious reasons, but it's going to really impact people that travel all the time like my DH.
    He travels so much that he's 'learned' how to get in/out of airports fast and that's by NOT checking your luggage. Now he'll have to and he's really peeved!