So I totally want a Speedy 30..

  1. But I'm not sure which kind I should get.. Damier or the Monogram.. >< Tough choice..

    Which one would you ladies prefer?
  2. I have the damier and am now lusting after the monogram.

    But I LOVE that I can carry the damier in the rain and such, and not worry about the vachetta. I'm picky about patina. And the red lining is so pretty :love:
  3. My choice would be monogram!
  4. Mono for sure! It's the classic!
  5. I agree, the mono is classic and iconic, but damier is different...If I could have only one I would get the mono
  6. Mono!!
  7. Monogram.
  8. Love Both, but I found the Damier to be better for my workplace. Mono is the classic, though!
  9. Monogram all the way for me! It's such a classic bag that you'll get a ton of use from.
  10. Monogram for me!
  11. Mono.
  12. I would go with monogram
  13. damier
  14. Mono
  15. Mono :tup: