So I took my Sac Louis out for the first time today...

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  1. #1 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    I took it out today...and I had a great positive response. I had to do some shopping, and then decided to stop in Louis Vuitton (not the boutique..but one in the mall..) This mall is by my house, but I rarely go in this one because of my relationship with my SA downtown.

    Anyways.. I wanted to get some scarves...and I said I usually use them as headbands, but I think I might want one for my bag...(and it went downhill from there...)

    SA - "Are you sure? Do you want to pay more for the scarf than the bag?"

    Me - " Excuse me??"

    It went over my head for just a moment, then I realized what she was hinting at...mind you there were about say 7 people behind me, and this is a very, very small Louis Vuitton "area"...its not a store you can walk in...

    SA - "Maybe you might want to look at the Lockit, and put that scarf on an authentic bag"

    Me - " Oh... you think this is fake right?"

    SA - ...silence....

    Me - "Is your manager here?"

    SA - ..looks puzzled... "yes, is there something wrong?"

    Me - "No..not at all, I am just curious if he/she will recognize this bag"

    SA - "um...ok"

    So the manager comes out, and says "So sorry ma'am, I think you might be the victim of unfortunate counterfeiting..."

    So then I paused (everyone is STARING at me btw...), I pulled out my receipts (I have two because you have to put half down when you order it), Sac Louis booklet, and the date code card...and proceeded to let them know what the bag is...and why they might not have heard of it. Yes.. I carried them in my purse...and I pulled them out because I was slightly embarrassed because of all the people behind me heard the entire conversation.

    They were literally dumbfounded...

    It wasn't their fault that they didn't know... but dang! I hope I don't have to pull out all the guns everytime I walk into a LV boutique..because I travel a lot! If I learned anything... I learned to stay out of those mall LV stores when I carry my Sac Louis....
  2. OMG what a story. That was actually quite rude of them if you ask me. You're one of a few lucky girls that has that beauty. I wouldn't mind having to prove them wrong :tup:
  3. :nogood: It's such a shame that there's so many uninformed SA's working for the company, especially to say such a thing about such a beautiful, exclusive bag! :wtf:
  4. Yikes, how could they not know about that bag??
  5. Man, I'm so sick of SA's telling me the wrong information. I mean if I know the info, I would at least expect them to know. For example, they tell me the bag doesn't come in that colour, but I've actually seen it on the website!...Things like that...But whatever. If I wanted it badly enough, I would have demanded they look.
  6. :wtf:
  7. That's ridiculous! I had a SA ask me if my MC Speedy was real. So sad that they don't know their own merchandise.
  8. Wow! My SA at a LV boutique did not know about the Sac Louis. I was telling her about TPF, etc and mentioned the Sac Louis. I'm going to ask her again to see if she knows about it now months later.

    I would write a letter to the manager and his/her boss. Why? If the SA is going to point out to customers that they are carrying counterfeit bags, than they need to know the various products that are out there! No matter how old, how long ago discontinued, no matter how LE. The SA does not know the person nor how familiar that person is with LV. They may have received a gift of their first LV, believe it is authentic, wear it proudly only to be verbally, loudly embarrassed in a boutique. It's called class & tact! At the least, she could have pulled you aside and spoken to you quietly!
  9. OMG!!!! Girl be proud and whip out those receipts!!!!! I cant believe SA's sometimes!!!
  10. Wow! I am so happy that you had your receipts!!! You handled it with such class. I'm pretty sure that they were so ashamed.
  11. oh my...:wtf:
  12. Unbelievable and totally tactless on LV's part to have this happen to you. I am so glad u had your receipts, but really this should never have happened. I would write a letter to HQ!! Very unprofessional, considering the Louis Sac is so exclusive and only for VIC"S
  13. Wow.. I am dumbfounded. I can't believe that you had to defend your Sac Louis in a LV Store! I can't believe how rude they were!

    Your bag is beautiful and I hope this never happens again.
  14. Just so everyone knows...
    This special offer personalized bag is only known to certain employees of LV (upper management, leather goods managers, etc...).
    Mostly those in the larger flagship stores, so the generic sales staff would have NO idea that these even exist.
  15. wow, that's crazy that even the manager didn't know, but you totally showed them with your receipts, date codes, and booklet!