So I took my new Tivoli GM out today...

  1. I took my new Tivoli GM out today to Costco to do some shopping when I noticed another girl walk by with the same exact bag. I was a bit surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be since it's been so popular. Anyway, I wore it on my shoulder, but she shortened the strap and wore it on her arm, which I loved by the way. I thought it looked pretty classy on the arm, the look that people have mentioned they liked with the Tivoli PM, except the GM has the added benefit of more room and being able to be worn on the shoulder.:tup:
  2. That's exactly why I'm interested in the Tivoli GM. :yes: I'll have to try it on IRL first though.
  3. I tried on the tivoli gm here and it would not stay on my shoulder at all ... it kept falling down all the time...I do adore the shape of it:love:
  4. isn't it the greatest bag? it's just so perfect!
  5. Would you take a pic and show an example for those who are still undecided.
  6. Did she stare at your bag as you stared at hers?? ;) I want one too!!
  7. i have the gm and i love it
  8. Apart from the store haven seen anybosy with it yet.. Maybe we're slow here.. Ha!!
  9. I would also love to see some pics of the different ways you can wear it, TIA!
  10. I can't decide between the two. I want to wear it on my arm.
  11. I would love to see either of the Tivoli's out and about! I live in a smallish city and my SA told me that they sold out of both sizes in a few days so I'm keeping my eyes open for a fellow Tivoli owner.
  12. It's sucha gorgeous bag, but i'm not crazy about it's "smoosh" factor when it gets crushed under the arm, since it's a wide bag.....
  13. I would try adjusting the straps. I am so picky with needing my bag to stay on my shoulder. I found that it stayed when on the strap was set to the last hole. I adjusted it up one to see how it looked and it kept falling off my shoulder. So I would try it again and make sure you play with it cause it is hands down my favorite everyday bag. It holds so much.
  14. I will be posting pictures up after I figure out how to do that. =p