So...I took her out for a spin today....

  1. and I think I was concerned for no reason:nuts:
    You might remember that I posted the other day about the Cornflower First. I felt like it just looked too small (while I felt the City looked too big).

    Well, I put all of my stuff in there today (cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, lipstick, keys, and a few other items) and took her out to the store and to run some errands and to get a hair cut and I'M IN LOVE:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :yahoo:

    Everything fit perfectly and I loved her even more than I did before when she was nice and full. I got a TON of compliments on my first day out (and one, "That's cute. Is it real leather?") and I'm 99.9 sure she's a keeper!

    In case you didn't see it the other day, my Balenciaga Model's rockin' it for you here...

  2. awww I'm so happy to hear you're in love now :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. I think the first is a great size! I always found it fit my essentials just fine. Congratulations, she's gorgeous, and your dog is adorable!
  4. ooooh, cute!! you're dog's eyes are lookin a lil funky there ;)
  5. Yayy, good news. I am starting to like the First size too.:yahoo:
  6. yes, your dog's eyes are starting to match your bbag! He's in love w/it, too!
  7. Yay!! :smile:

    From the outside first's are really decieving. They look so tiny! but inside they fit so much!
  8. Great, lovin your dogs eyes :smile: he's gorgeous!
  9. Firsts ARE deceiving...but they really do hold a lot! I'm so glad you're lovin' your bag now!
  10. Wow. That color really pops. I LOVE it!
  11. Thanks.
    I don't know how to get that green 'flash' color out of his eyes for pictures.:confused1:

    He really is much more handsome in person (and much less possessed looking!):p
  12. I have the same bag : I'm glad you love it !!!
    I love this size also : perfect when you are sure you're not shopping...
    For shopping I prefer Work or WE ;)
  13. Glad you are in love with it!!! It is beautiful.
  14. I love it!
  15. WOW congrats shamrock..... :nuts: :flowers: good choice :yahoo: !! The cornflower first is AMAZING and I'm so happy for you :heart: :love: ! Enjoy it :tender: !