So .. I told orkneydaisy that I was done ...

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  1. Wow, that is a show stopper. It'll bring some sparkle come Christmas time. Gorgeous colour. You're on your way to have a Mitzy in every colour it's made in!
  2. ooh sparkly-tastic! they're both very pretty. can't wait for more pics!
  3. Thank You! :biggrin:

    There are more pics in my Mitzy thread & also in the families thread! :smile:
  4. Fabulous addition LovingMyMitzy..
    and I'd keep on Mitzi-ing as long as you like!

    She'd be too dangerous to stroke though wouldn't she?

    I think there should be a thread for suggestions for Mitzi design. It's a very loved style isn't it?

    Why no leopard print yet? What about tartan/check? And denim (Faded/Indigo/Black) for summer would be lovely.
  5. Very lush great colour dont fancy the import duty
  6. Thank you ladies!!

    Corries - I wish they would stop making the Mitzy .. it is getting dangerous :nuts: Dont encourage them!! :biggrin:

    Snowshoe ... I dont fancy the import duty either .. :nuts:
  7. When will you hear LMM if you will get a customs refund?? :smile:
  8. Once I call them I guess :blush: Forgot to pick the thing up today to call them .. & was so busy anyway!!

    Im such a muppet sometimes!! :P
  9. LMM,that's one hell of a gorgeous Mitzy you have there. I LOOVVEE midnight blue cracked leather. I used to be so i love with Bays in that leather but I didn't end up getting it. I'm simply too chickened because the tag said delicate leather.
    No kidding about customs. My friend ordered an oak Bays last year from and she had to pay approx over 100 pound customs!! We were both gobsmacked and outraged but I had no idea that you could do appeal if you weren't happy with the amount of customs you had to pay.