So .. I told orkneydaisy that I was done ...

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  1. Isn't it great when you're thinking of getting something, then it gets unavailable and you regret it, but it gets back in stock for you? :biggrin:

    I'm so glad you got it! And such a cute pouch too!! You'll look amazing with it, and cracked metallic is so fun and chic!

    Can't wait for modelling and Mitzy family pic :smile:
  2. Thank you TheaBerry .. you are very kind!

    I will try to do some modelling & family pics on Sunday ... tho I think Im starting to get sick ... so will depend how I feel in the morning .. or maybe afternoon .. I plan to be extra lazy today :P
  3. Its gorgeous LMM, I was wondering when we were going to see this beauty, you are the Mitzy :queen:
  4. Ohhh LMM! I am so pleased you got one, I was really sad when they went OOS for you. I don't know how you managed to keep that one so quiet missy! But she is absolutely beaaauuuutiful :love: can't wait to see modeling photos!! :yahoo:
  5. Stunning bag LMM! Well done for finding her!
  6. That is TDF!!! 2 Mitzy's in a week (or close to a week)...I'm jealous :nuts: and looking forward to modelling pics.
  7. Ooh, another Mitzy for you! I suspect you like the style.....and so do I, she is gorgeous :love:- you had to buy this one since you already had the matching pouch.
  8. Another fabulous reveal !

    You have been busy, congrats to an absolutely stunning Mitzy !
  9. Lovely mitzy!
  10. Thank you so much ladies ... will try to do the family pic a little later. Just having a wee break from my cleaning etc! What fun! Dying for a cuppa tea .. but Ive run out of milk ARGH!!!

    Kris - what on earth gives you the impression that I like the Mitzy? :nuts:

    Honestly ladies - thank you so much. I know the style I love .. & I go with it!! :biggrin:

    Just wish the blueberry one was pebbled leather too ... :love:
  11. Take your time LLM, how are you feeling today?

    Why does it say Mouse Grey Daria Hobo x 2 in your signatur btw? Have I missed something?
  12. Im doing ok .. just getting a bit of a head cold, but at least my headache has gone!! Just trying to get some housework & clearing out done today, as I get so little time during the week!

    Ahh yes, the Daria bags. I bought one from USA .. thanks to a lovely TPF'er ... but wasnt 100% sure if it would work out. While I was waiting to find out what was going to happen .. one became available through the John Lewis website .. so I got it .. just incase!!

    The US one did turn out .. its at my sisters house in USA .. & is coming to me via Australia in March! :biggrin:
  13. Goodness gracious me LMM - you've really surpassed yourself this time ! That is one glamorous gal you've got there . :yahoo:

    Modelling pics please ...
  14. Im still in my jammies ... so no modelling pics today, sorry!!

    Not being completely lazy .. have been doing housework etc .. honest guv!!

    Have just taken Mitzy family pics though .. will post them up shortly!! :biggrin:
  15. Hurra for family pic!
    You've done more than I have today, LLM! ;)

    Remember the USA one, but didn't know you got one from JL too :P