So .. I told orkneydaisy that I was done ...

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  1. LOTS!! :P

    She text me earlier saying we need an outlet trip again too ... :nuts:
  2. lol^^^
  3. Can feel the pound rising against the euro and dollar at this very news ;) The economy will be rectified real soon ;) :biggrin:
  4. :lol:

    If only I wasnt broke ... :nuts:
  5. ^ Thats a good thing, there cannot be one bag you need now - SURELY!!!! :biggrin:
  6. Nothing is calling my name ... tho if a black hairy Mitzy was to appear .... :faint:
  7. oh we would all back you in that one! skint or not, no way could you walk away from that one :biggrin:
  8. Thank you .... you are so kind ;)
  9. Sssssshhhhh! :nuts:;)

    OI you, this is your reveal! Keep me out of this! :nuts:I'm not the one giving it laldy saying no more bags ever ever!:P

    ETA, oooh I'm on 2999 posts! :nuts:
    Bet you get the turq tho!!:graucho:
  10. I did mean to say "for now" ... :lolots:
  11. oooh OD, 3000 come on :biggrin:
  12. And heeeeereeee weeee gggooooooo, post 3,000:yahoo:

    check yer phone LMM! You have txtage!:biggrin:
  13. Woooo - go you!! :yahoo:

    Ha - just got it - fone is on silent & I keep forgetting to check it!!
  14. COngrats LMM !! Nice Mitzy collections!!
  15. Thank you LuvTare :biggrin: