So .. I told orkneydaisy that I was done ...

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  1. So sad that I missed the live reveal (I would have guessed before everyone else!) But what a stunning bag! I had my eye on one at Selfridges but was just to late to get it. I use my Bays clutch alot though - the leather is great in the day as well at night so don't be afraid to use it LMM!
  2. Have been away from forum for a day, i think and come back to lots of fab reveals! Lovin, what a beauty! I love the colour, what an ace bag to own. It looks really special. I am sure people will be staring at you in admiration. I hope you have a fun time wearing her and am looking forward to seeing shots of you both together! xx
  3. Ladies - thank you all so much. Really appreciate all your kind comments.

    Im out at my babysit & have a stonker of a headache .. so finding it hard to spend much time on the laptop ... so forgive me for not answering individually.

    As for her first outing .. Im really not sure yet :biggrin: Trying to use my Daria as much as possible just now, to make sure nothing goes wrong with her (most of you know my luck with my new Mulberry bags!!!) ... so I know whether Im keeping the 2nd Daria or not.

    I still need to make my way through the black & oak Mitzy bags too ....!!

    Im sure an appropriate outing will come along one day soon!!

    Thank you everyone :flowers:

    BTW ... I think Im done bags-wise now .. unless Mulberry make Mitzy in any more gorgeous shades .... if only the blueberry wasnt in patent leather ....!!
  4. Haha think I will print that off and frame it! :lolots:

    Great reveal, as always!! :hugs::yahoo::biggrin:
  5. :bagslap:

    At least I admit to mine missy ... :P
  6. my thoughts too.....
    beautiful bag and colour is tdf.
  7. Thank You :biggrin:
  8. Congrats on another fab Mitzy, LMM! I agree - the Mitzy throne certainly is yours!

    Love the colour and the leather on this one - it's FAB!!!
  9. What an awesome reveal LMM :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. Just read the entire thread - WOW LMM!!!! Many congrats on your new mitzy :yahoo: Love the colour & metallic leather, this will be a fab bag! Would love to see some mitzy family pics when you get the chance. Hope you're feeling better soon :smile:
  11. My thoughts exactly too OD, we can keep returning to this thread and blow it up bigger with every new reveal :P:biggrin:
  12. Pfffft ... what do you take me for :P
    I wonder how long it will be til od admits to all her newbies :nuts:
  13. Thank you again for your kind comments ladies .. very sweet of you all x
  14. ^ you are the terrible two!!!!! :biggrin:

    are we due some OD reveals then honey ;)
  15. oh OD has newbies to!