So .. I told orkneydaisy that I was done ...

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  1. Thank you ladies ... I do love her & yes I do love my Mitzy bags :P

    One day I will surprise you all & buy something else :lol:
  2. Beautiful LMM! Always admired the metallic blue leather and it looks particularly spectacular on the Mitzy! Congratulations!
  3. Holy cr*p! I'm crossing my fingers for you re the appeal.
  4. It's bad, huh?

    Even the guy at the UPS depot was gobsmacked. He said to me it was too much & I should appeal .. so I told him I had planned to anyway!!
  5. ouch 92 pounds sounds an obscene amount to pay :sad: really hope they see sense and refund you )
  6. Gorgeous LMM- very glam:biggrin:

    Customs' charges sound hefty- good luck with the appeal.
  7. Very beautiful LMM - i've always loved this colour in the cracked metallic.
    You truly are the Mitzy Queen :queen:
  8. omg i just LOVE the midnight blue cracked metallic!!! it is gorgeous! i need to find my bays pronto!
  9. Such an amazing bag - what occasion are you going to take it out for first?
  10. That is so beautiful. Well done for getting her. Can't wait to see the modelling pics.
  11. That is gorgeous!!!! I am really starting to love these new leathers, cracked, wrinkled, waxed, crinkled, smudged, spongy, you name it. I used to be a NVT/darwin girl, but these new leathers and styles make this bag hobby more interesting, Your new bag is really awesome, congrats!
  12. W O W !!!

    LMM - I think you have even surpassed your record for finding the divine!

    Jenova knocked the nail on the head - where will be the first outing?

    Well done girl - absolutely beautiful.

    Ells xx
  13. That is gorgeous! I have the tiny heart purse in the midnight cracked metallic leather and would LOVE a bag in the same. Stunning!
  14. Stunning! Absolutely stunning, and obviously meant to be as it made a comeback just for you :amuse: Modelling pics please!!
  15. Oh that's so beautiful. I love this colour and in a Mitzy too!