So .. I told orkneydaisy that I was done ...

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  1. Beatrice answer!!
  2. You cheeky girl! Well, at least we have some time to figure out what bag this is....
  3. Aaargh, this is my first "real time" following of a reveal and the suspense is killing me!
  4. Clue?---Is it gunmetal?
  5. bluberry mitzy!
  6. If it is gunmetal would that make it 'ink' colour???:sweatdrop:
  7. LMM you tease!
  8. Blueberry Mitzy!
  9. OK I made it ... bear with me!! :biggrin:

    Oooh does the blueberry Mitzy have gunmetal hardware? Oooh I may have to look at one in the store then!!
  10. Come on girl! I'm getting the daggers from my OH for being on the forum so much the evening. Please reveal quickly!!!!
  11. get on with it LMM! we are all perishing in anticipation!!
  12. OK .. so maybe I wasnt 100% truthful ..

  13. Come on LMM - I want to seeeeeeeeee.
  14. Definitely a hobo. But which one? Must be a mitzy!
  15. That's it a blueberry mitzy hobo!!! :happydance: