So I thought I'd share my new love . . .

  1. The Chloe TOTE. I've never seen one IRL until a few weeks ago. From all the photos on NM and BG I thought it just looked so stiff. So not true. I love it and I carry a ton of stuff (kids). Very practical for that "organized" person. I love all the pockets !! Did I mention how soft the leather is? Insane.....
  2. Ooohh! Love This Bag!
  3. Ooooooohhhhh MAMMA!!:nuts: :nuts: That is absolutely gorgeous! And the pebbling is lucious. Man, how fast can I unload my choco hobo cuz now I want one of those!! Congrats that is one fabulous bag!
  4. Funny Jill both our first reactions were Ooohhh! Quite the jawdropper!

    So mammab, how many pockets besides the outside ones?
  5. Thanks girls :love::love::love:

    Pockets? A lot ! Lemme think -- okay, that one square one on the outside -- perfect for keys, lipstick, tissue -- then the outerpocket w/the zip (that has these amazing long tassels which i love !) can hold even more stuff, like a magazine and then the big interior which has a zippered compartment inside like all the other paddys and its very substantial as well (bigger than the front pocket, if that helps) and I JUST discovered a cell phone pocket *alas*

    The lining is also brown. At first I was like, "eh" not crazy, but now that I think about it -- I can actually put pens (good quality at least) in my bag and not worry, so another plus.

    HTH's !!!
  6. :love: The tote wasn't even remotely palatable to me - until now!! Could it be the rich chocolate color? The slouchy leather? Those fabulous tassles which can't even be SEEN on pictures of other totes? Wherever did you find this beauty?!:love: LOVE!!!:love:
  7. Hi mamma! It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Oh, that's a beautiful bag :love: ! I really love the chocolate Chloe bags. Congratulations!
  9. I saw this bag at Nordstrom, it's beautiful. Congrats.:biggrin:
  10. It's gorgeous! Thank you for posting. :smile:
  11. it is such a gorgeous bag. I got the taupe at first, but the color is kind of muddy for me(dunno why, suppose taupe is a pretty color).So I exchanged for a chocolate one and it is soo soft and smells like heaven....Those pockets are so functional and you can organize your stuff very easily...;)
  12. Is this the bag that is only in ivory on the websites or am I missing something? It is sooooooo beautiful. Where did you find it? I absolutely love it!
  13. On NM and Bg website only have ivory which is a pretty color as well. But in Nordstrom or other department store, they have black, taupe,chocolate,tan available. I didn;'t see ivory at Nordstrom though.
  14. I love these Chloe Totes. One day, hopefully. Congrats, it's just beautiful!:love:
  15. Oh Ok, thanks Chloe-Concord. I will have to go to Nordstroms and check it out.Thanks for the tip!