So I thought I was crazy

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  1. A friend of mine gave me a pair of Belle booties for Christmas. Her local saks doesn't sell CL but apparently these were returned and happened to be my size (40.5) so she got them. I wore them one day in the house to break them in but after a little while they hurt, esp the right one. I tried again tonight and the left one felt fine but the right still hurt. I know usually people have one foot that's bigger than the other so I just figured they need more breaking in. Anyway as I took them off I glanced at the bottom and the right one said 40. I thought "That's weird, I thought they were 40.5" so I look at the left one and low and behold- it IS a 40.5!!! So I got mismatched shoes! Lol. I don't think at this point there's anything I can do- I doubt Saks still has what would be the other mismatched pair. So I guess I'll try taking the 40 in to the shoemaker and having them try and stretch the toe box. I'm usually a 40 but wanted a 40.5 in these to have some room. But I have to say I'm relieved that I'm not nuts that they felt differently to me! lol.

    I should say: I wonder if they were returned bc someone bought a 40 pair and a 40.5 pair and kept each of the ones that felt better on her feet! LOL.
  2. thats sooo bad though if someone did switch them, mayb u shud ask nyways at saks just incase =)
  3. Oh no! That sucks. Yeah, there were a lot of mismatched pairs floating around during the sales.
  4. With the consolidation your are probably right, but you could try. Good to know you are not crazy though, lol.
  5. I know! I was so sad for my poor foot. LOL.

    eta: I wouldn't even know who to call since these were a gift...
  6. Oi! That'll do it. Glad to hear you're not crazy :P