So I think I want a White MC bag, which do you guys like?

  1. Is anyone familar with the White MC Sologne? Rant/rave?
  2. I think the new Priscilla is cute, as well as the Shirley clutch :smile:

    Let us know what you decide on!
  3. i have a white Trouville and Shirley, and i love them both!
    although the Shirley is more of a special occasion bag, because of its size, and it can be used as a clutch.
    the Trouville can be more of a casual bag, but because it's white and i don't like the patina i don't use it a lot
    how about the new Priscilla? i'm thinking of getting one as well!
  4. I am a white MC freak. My favorite bag is the Alma.
  5. hmmm, im a fan of the speedy, and Audra 0o0o0 and not to forget the Shirley - what a cute little bag!
  6. MC white Alma is on my "wish list" at the moment hehehe........I just love the MC range....
  7. i :heart: the priscilla!
  8. My fave MC peice is the new Aurelia tote! It's gorgeous!
  9. I really like the lodge pm because it's a comfy shoulder bag and it isn'Ät seen so much as the other styles.
  10. Aurelia is my current *thumpathumpa*, I think the Solonge seems useful but just not as lovely.
  11. Hi:flowers:
    I had a white sologne...& sold it because I never really got into the style, but loved that I could wear it across my body. The strap was actually a bit long, so LV punched another hole in the strap for me. I remember doubling the strap so that I could wear it with a shorter strap, like a shoulder bag. Sometimes I have regrets, but the $ from it helped me buy a denim baggy! No regrets there:heart:
  12. I like the priscilla, eliza & shirley:yes:
  13. I like the MC Speedy, Audra and Shirley.:love: In White of cus!
  14. Lodge PM :love:

    Other votes:

  15. I like them bolth.
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