so i think i ruined my CB pochette! HELP!!!!

  1. okay so today i wore a black dress to attend a wake. and i used my pink/pink cherry blossom pochette. well apparently the black dye from my dress got all over the raised parts of the pochette. and i can not for the life of me get it off. Im afraid to rub too hard and lose part of the flowers. but on the parts that do not have the flowers i scrubbed pretty hard and no luck. I tried using water, coach leather cleaner (i know its not leather but its the only thing i had) & baby wash. It helps a little i guess....but not nearly enough! this is the first item ive ever expierenced color transfer on. Is there anyway to save my pochette or is it dunzo???

    please help! its hard to see in these pics but i thought maybe it would help.


  2. luckily thats the back side. the front didnt get it too bad.
  3. I Had to look at it twice before i could see anything!
    Erm i'm not expert i havent had this problem yet
    Erm can't you take it down to a leather repair/Shoe repair place i think they might be able to help you?
  4. Babywipes? :shrugs:
  5. baby wipes...
  6. i dont think baby wipes will work its magic this time here guys. its tough.
  7. what about a very very clean eraser? I used it on my vanchetta once and it worked great... Not 100% sure on the canvas though.. Maybe you should take it into LV and see what they suggest?
  8. Do you think maybe an eraser or the Mr. Clean magic eraser? Very gently...??...
    Man...I've never seen that on the canvas before! I'm so sorry!
  9. I was going to say the Magic Eraser, too - VERY GENTLY!!!!! And DO NOT touch the flowers with it.
  10. the magic clean eraser was also my suggestion. i judt got a new damier nolita and while in the closet , it got scratch amrks on it, i guess from rubbig on the wall. i flipped out and ran to the magic eraser.. got it out ... i love that magic eraser!!!!
  11. I would try the baby wipes, I have had them work on this kind of color transfer, if you do it right away. you have to be careful not to scrub to hard or you'll take off the pattern. Good luck :smile:
  12. Eeekkk... I wish you the best of luck in trying to remove the black from this gorgeous bag. :tup:
  13. i can't believe your DRESS did that!
    babywipes. non alcoholic. try it before you knock it.
    and quick.
  14. Baby wipes or the Mr Clean eraser
  15. hmm ill have to pop out to the store i suppose.