So I think I am going to return my Tobago Keepall!!!

  1. I just can't see myself using it! I dont even use my other 2 keepalls! I looked in my closet today and there is over $5k in keepalls sitting on my shelf! i mean its sexy and all lol but $2k for it to just sit there until I one day use it and I have NO idea when I will... its giving me the "im glad I have it feeling but I dont want to see it not be used feeling"


    I HATE returning at LV i feel soooo bad doing it. I am a good customer and I feel like it makes me look bad if I return! unless I return and spend more $ then I feel better lol but my SA is so good to me and took the time to order me this and wrap it sooo nicely and all....
  2. That keepall is hot Matt! I'm getting one for the BF for christmas. Just like the one JayZ has.
  3. My Motto~ If you don't use it...Loose it :flowers:
  4. yeah it is hot but i just cant see my self using it... and if I do and then say at xmas i get the white mc one... and then I do get the chance to use one... what one do i pick lol!!! i would NEVER be able to choose! im scared lol
  5.! don't get rid of it matt! it's gorgeous! you could just...look at it or something.
  6. If I were you, I would trade it for Tobago Carryall. I like it more than Keepall.
  7. I agree that keepall is smoking hot..I am sure you will find something as hot to exchange..keep us update..
  8. Actually I do have something in mind... its a secret

  9. LOL....can't wait ;)
  10. i wanna know :hysteric:

  11. Are you going to take stripteast photos for the new stuff? Don't make us beg and the suspense! Oh my!
  12. lol if I DO return it, yes of course there will be a strip tease!!!
  13. i know how it feeels ...

    i say exchange it ;)
  14. Noooo...I :heart: it....but I totally understand, if you're not going to use, no sense keeping it. Be sure to let use know what you get!
  15. mmmm hmmm... What did I tell you? :lecture: