So I stumbled across my 1st future Dooney

  1. And i love it! I'm on a ban for at least a month, but now I have something to look forward to!!!

    Does anyone else have the Dooney and Burke Nile in Grape?? How fabulous is that color really????

    I WANT IT SO BAD!!! LOL!!!

  2. WOW, amazing color. That's one of the best purples I have ever seen. I'm also a fan of croc/moc croc detailing, so this bag gets a thumbs up from me!

    How big is that bag? It looks super-tiny.
  3. That color is rich! Love it!
  4. I normally don't go crazy about the nile line, but that one is gorgeous!
  5. Ooooohh! Love :tup:
  6. :yes: You sound like me w/ my blue bags.... I just swoon and gurgle when I see pretty blue bags....

    You will have to have amazing self control to not bust your ban for this gorgeous bag, eh!?!?!
  7. Love it..... Love it..... I really love purple. But then again I have the giraffe and zebra lines as well.
  8. It's really a very pretty color. I didn't realize the Nile line was still out?
  9. That is lovely! I like the color and the style! You should go ahead and buy it.
  10. I am normally not a fan of Dooney but that color is so vibrant. Very cute!
  11. The seller says Dimensions: L 9.5" H 6.5" W 4" ... kinda on the smaller side... kinda...

    But I really love the color.. I'm going to check out the other ones styles before I commit to that one.. there are a few others with the Grape Croc... i just love that color...
  12. I love purple and I love Dooney so I am loving your bag. It's so cute.
  13. Not really a fan of Dooney but I must say the color on this is adorable =)