so i still can't decide...

  1. i have an itch to buy aother chanel, i found a bordeaux e/w caviar, but it's been on display for about a month, i'm physically in toronto, so there's no way i could examine the purse myself, SA said it's in good condition, but for some reason it still kinda bothers me. should i buy it? or not? it's the last one available.
  2. ask about the return policy if you're unhappy about the purchase. If you find that you can return it to your local chanel, then go for it. Has the SA sent you any pictures of the bordeaux e/w in caviar?
  3. nope, SA didn't send pictures, she said the color won't show well in pics anyways...and becuase i'm having it sent to toronto, there's no chance of me returning it. so i want to be absolutely sure.
  4. If you are unsure I say don't get it.
  5. Maybe you can ask your SA to send you pictures of that bag. But I think it is different when I saw the bag in the picture and IRL. I agree with sammiekat.
  6. umm that's a gamble. i wouldn't go for it then without pictures. Not unless you absolutely want a bordeaux e/w caviar. i could imagine how it would be like. there are a few pictures in the reference library with people modeling a plum/violet e/w caviar color. turn that purplish hue into a dark red and i suppose that would be the bag. I purchased a bordeaux reissue from BDG, NYC. But then I fell in love with pictures of kittenslingerie's reissue in that color and it looked so lovely on her. so I decided to chance it and I love it. Truthfully without pictures of her reissue, I wouldnt have thought about getting the bordeaux reissue. I would pass on it if you're unsure.
  7. Why do posters here assume it's been mistreated and man-handled? It is probably in perfect condition. The SAs are never far away when someone is looking at a bag... they watch you so closely. What exactly could a customer do to it that would ruin it?

    If I really wanted a bag, I wouldn't mind getting the display model. I would tell the SA to check it very carefully, inside and out, to make sure it is in excellent condition. If she says yes, then I say go for it!
  8. Do u really want that bag very badly? If u do.. then i guess its worth a gamble.. but if there are other newer bags that u love as well.. ure better off saving this money for those new purchases! :p:p
  9. anyone here in michigan, that can take a look at the bag on my behalf?
  10. I don't think I would spend that much money on a display bag...if you are unsure don't do it. You could always ask her to send pics.