So I sold two items on Ebay......

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  1. So I sold two items on eBay and do you think either buyer could leave me some positive feedback! :mad: I packed both items so well, went to the post office the day after payment was made, I even included thank you cards. Both the items were brand new with the tags. It makes my blood boil every time I check My eBay. Thanks for listening to my vent. :yes:
  2. lol yeah some ppl on eBay are real butts. It might be better to vent like this in the eBay forum tho. I know I go there myself from time to time to vent. Begin an eBay seller can be soo anoying!
  3. ugh that sux

    i dread that happening to me.
  4. Oh and I forgot that on the first purse that I included the insurance for free because I felt bad that I had charged $9.00 for shipping in case the buyer was from CA. When the buyer was from the East Coast I felt bad about it only costing me $6 to send it, so I included the insurance.
  5. I think sometimes people just get busy and may forget though too. I send a friendly little reminder such as, "Hello! I see that your bag arrived safely and in satisfactory condition! Could you take a moment and leave positive feedback for me and I'll do the same for you! Thank you! Enjoy your bag!" Sometimes though, they just don't bother which is IMO rude. I can understand if someone is new to ebay but I've had people with lots of feedback not leave me any. At least you know that you did a good job.
  6. I have sold over 1200 items on ebay and I only have about 700 feedbacks. The number of people who dont' leave fb is ridiculous!
  7. I always leave it right after I receive my item or my $ for the sale. A lot of people just don't seem to leave it. Its disappointing when I don't receive any. Especially when I am on the selling end.
  8. Holy crap woman you're an eBayin' machine!

    Alas I only have 138 feedback tho I should probably have something more like 150. =P
  9. That stinks! However, I do admit to forgetting to leave feedback one time. I remembered a while later and did go back to leave it and even mentioned being sorry I was so late! But this was only a $7 pair of socks, not a Coach bag! I hope your buyers get to it!
  10. Same with me -- have sold over 2500 things and my feedback is around 1300. I always leave feedback whether I am the buyer or seller... I used to ask for it back but once I hit about 500 I quit asking...
  11. I think I bummed because I only have 20 FB's even though I've been a member for years and all but one of them are things I bought, so it would really help if I could get two buyer FB's. :yes:
  12. I sometimes don't get around to it right away, because I am still waiting for my item to come in the mail! :roflmfao:
  13. No only is it disappointing, but then you also don't know if you are going to run into a "phantom buyer"... Those buyers that disappear without any feedback or acknowledgement that their item has arrived, then a month OR TWO (no joke)... they pop back up again with some obscure problem and expect you to do something...

    NOW, I am all for customer service when it is within a reasonable time period, but seriously - it shows clearly on items that have an exchange policy has to be done within 7 days... Some people just don't make sense. Why in the world would you contact a seller a MONTH after the sale was completed and expect a refund for issues that weren't even covered under the exchange policy to begin with!! (Sizing issues. Uh yeah... you're probably gonna try to return some smelly, worn dancewear, since its been half a dance season since you've bought them. No thanks!! ) This one totally blew my mind... and its still going on??? Going on over TWO months after they purchased the items!!!

    Ok... sorry for the vent & the ramble. Can you tell that you're not the only one that has issues with eBay lately? Shady buyers are the worst. :cursing:
  14. Sometimes I bujy things & don't open the boxes right away. I try to leave FB after I open the box.
  15. I am guilty of not leaving feedback...I just forget. I get so excited when my package arrives in the mail and then I always tell myself to go back later and leave feedback....but then I forget. Maybe now I will be better with it.