So I sold my first eBay item!!!

  1. It was a pair of grey Seven jeans...

    I sold them to a woman in Canada..

    Couple of questions...

    1. I took them to the post office today but didn't receive anything that I can send her to tell her that I shipped them.. I read a couple of you saying that you sent ppl copies of shipping labels.. is there something else that I should've gotten?? I guess when I sell my Dior bag that I will get confirmatiion receipt and insurance when shipping right??

    2. I listed the jeans for 35.. she won the bid by bidding 36 bucks and gave me 14 for shipping. Shipping only came to 8 bucks today when I took it to the PO. Should I refund some of her money?? I think that would be the honest thing to do since I didn't spend her whole 14 bucks. How do I do that?? Any suggestions??

    Thanks all for your help!!! :tup:
  2. congrats on selling your first item! I always print shipping labels through paypal so that it comes with a delivery confirmation number. It's not a tracking number with USPS, it just tells you and the buyer that a label has been printed and the item has shipped and it will list that it was delivered when the package arrives. If there is ever a dispute, that confirmation number showing deliver may save you a lot of headaches. If you take the package to the PO, I would still get a delivery confirmation number to send to the buyer so they know you shipped it. Good luck!
  3. well done in selling your first thing , would say , as above , always get a tracking number, covers you if anything goes wrong , unlikely but possible . It just proves that you have sent something . Especially if you start to sell more expensive items .
  4. I have refunded when I accidentally over-charge for shipping because it drives me crazy when other sellers over-charge. I think it would be nice for you to refund her a portion of the shipping money but it's not expected.
  5. Congratulations on your first sale! I would just send her an email saying that you shipped it, and she should receive it in X amount of days. As far as the extra shipping money, I refund if I over charged shipping by $5+ If it's Under $5 I let it go and keep it. 9 times out of 10 from when I've sold anything, no one even asked about the shipping because they were too happy to receive their item. HTH!
  6. Congratulation to your first sold. Since you shipped to Canada, I'd suggest you ship via Global Priority. When it is a pricey item, then Global Express is a must since its package can be insured and traceable. Since the jeans is about $36, regular mail is fine. By any chance you need the shipping proof, the post office receipt is your record of shipping. You can scan it to be a image file in case someone challenges you.

    Regarding shipping refund, I think $6 is okay to keep. I usually refund buyers if I over charged them more than $5. What you did is fine. Again, Congratulation!
  7. I only ever charge actual shipping and not 'handling' charges. You can keep the money and say that it is a 'handling' charge - but your buyer would have a lot of respect for you and since you are just starting out you want to start on a good foot and have great FB as a seller!
  8. If you print labels from paypal or the USPS website, you can now also print a scan sheet so when you drop it off at the post office, they scan it and it shows up on the DC info the time and post office it was dropped off at.

    Also, if you print labels with payal you get free dc, if you print labels at the USPS website you get a %off.

    Conratulations on your first sell!!

    Almost forgot...the handling is up to you. But if you charge to much people will ding your stars and that may deter people from bidding. I would refund anything over a $2 handling fee, but that is just me.
  9. Way overcharging for shipping can result in probation on eBay. Did you include the cost of the shipping and packing materials?? The buyer should pay for that...
  10. For me, its common courtesy to refund when I overcharge my buyer.
    Most of them are so surprised of this honesty and left really nice feedback..
  11. If you shipped it to Canada, you must have filled out a customs form, yes? If you filled out the white multi-copy form, they should have given you a copy, and that has a trackable number on it.
  12. You packed, boxed, and shipped, went to the post office, keep the extra $.
  13. I just calculate all my expenses that an item cost me. The price of the item, how much shipping actually cost, the packing materials, etc. I charge a flat rate for shipping and count that as part of the price of an item.

    Buyers don't look at how much they pay for shipping necessarily, I think its the bottom line they are looking at. So, $50 for a pair of jeans at your door step = good deal.