So I should be getting some Louboutins...

  1. I'm not ready to get excited yet because they didn't have them in the store. I went to Saks and they didn't have Prive in black, but that's what I wanted. She said that she could get them to ship to me, probably by Saturday. These are the ones I've been really wanting and they seem hard to find now.

    I tried on the brown ones in 5.5 (which I usually wear) and 6. The 5.5 seemed a little snug but the 6 was too big so hopefully the 5.5 will stretch out a little. I hope they turn out to be as comfy and wonderful as people say they are since I usually don't pay so much for shoes. I've been needing a good pair of black shoes though so I have my fingers crossed that I'll love these.
  2. Oh Louboutins are beautiful. I'm sure you'll love them.
  3. i can't wait to see the pictures. congrats.
  4. Thats going to be my next pair of Louboutins!
    Your going to LOVEEE Louboutin!
    Post pics once you get them!!!!
    Congrats!!!! :wlae:
  5. I'll post pics when they get here. I just hope I actually get them. She sort of sounded indefinite about them being available, like "I think I can get you these black ones shipped." So until they get here I am trying not to get too excited.
  6. They will stretch so getting the snugger pair was definitely the right thing to do. Hope you enjoy your new Louboutins!
  7. yes! I'm glad I got the smaller size. When I tried on the 6's there was room at the back even before stretching. The 5.5's are good. I walked around the house in them and they feel fine.
  8. Congrats, Zophie!! Perfect with the red vanish. :heart:

  9. zophie, they are gorgeous!

    are they comfy (or as comfy as 4" heels can be!)?
  10. They are just gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. So far I've only worn them around the house and they seem pretty comfy. Tomorrow I'm going to wear them and I'll have to park across the street and walk to where I'm going so we'll see how it goes. The only thing I think that might not be comfy is the sides seem to rub my feet a little bit but I think they will soften up. I'll give an update on how painful or not painful my feet are tomorrow.
  12. Zophie, gorgeous peep-toed pumps. Love the V Prive, it's classic yet so chic! Am looking out for a pair too. How much are these now?
  13. They usually cost about $690 USD I think...
  14. Well, so far I've worn them and had to walk across a very wide street and down a couple long halls and then back to my car and my feet don't hurt so that is good! Usually new shoes kill my feet until they are broken in. The main problem I had was a couple times my foot almost slipped out of them. Good thing I got the smaller size or I'd really be in trouble.

    ms piggy I think they are right around $700.