So I set out to buy the grey lambskin w modern chain....

  1. ...and ended up with the jumbo black classic flap with silver hardware and traditional chain:rolleyes: .

    Basically the modern chain left me stone cold. I tried many chained bags...the chain is very shiny and keeps slipping from the shoulder. I have a small baby;can't keep fussing with my bag.

    Pity about the grey lambskin;it's exquisite.

    If anyone really needs to see another black jumbo traditional classic flap (next to it's older sister,the 226 2005 black reissue with gold hardware) I can post pics sometime next week when my husband is out....LOL.

    I'm excited about this bag though!!

    Bags I adored,but that weren't quite the thing for me were:

    *grand shopping tote

    *rock and chain bag...oh how divine:heart: :heart: :heart:

    *This small black vintagey looking bag with a large-linked aged,pewter-looking silver chain with leather interwoven...what's it called? If only it came in a jumbo size and with a shoulder strap!!!

    *Another bag in lambskin,approx jumbo flap size,no quilting,but only came in white?

    I may need to revisit Chanel sometime....:shrugs:
  2. You can never go wrong with a jumbo black classic flap, it will always be in style, congratulations!!

    Did you get the lambskin or caviar?

    I'm guessing you went to the boutique in Amsterdam?
    Did you see any bowlers or other handheld bags?
  3. Congrats on your new Chanel!:flowers:
  4. Congrats with your new Chanel!:heart:
  5. Thank you everyone :smile:

    I got the caviar;the only jumbo black lambskin had new chain.

    Yes,I went to Amsterdam. they have a variety of handheld bags...I'm not very good at the names. I very nearly bought the rock and chain pouch type handheld bag instead of the classic flap. But I looked a bit clumsy carrying it. (Still have some baby weight LOL.)

    They also had a black luxury line bowler in patent leather. It was beautiful,but a bit bulky and very shiny.Other than that there was quite a large patent selection.

    There were also many totes.

    The one shortcoming of this boutique is that they only stock black or white in everything. there is a red lambskin modern chain (large I think) and the grey one...and all the other bags are black or white.

    Are you in NL?
  6. I'm glad you got what you were comfortable with. Enjoy it...
  7. Glad you ultimately went with one you knew would work best for you!
  8. Congrats! Can't go wrong with a jumbo classic flap!
  9. Thanks for the update!
    I almost bought the jumbo red flap with new chain last week, but I didn't like the silver hardware.

    Yes, I live in the same city as you do :yes:
  10. Congratulations on a great choice, the jumbo with classic chain is my favorite chanel.......enjoy!
  11. congrats on your new bag, the jumbo classic is gorgeous!!! pity about the new chain though, because the grey lambskin sounds divine too!
  12. Congrats with your new bag!
  13. congrats
  14. congrats, so when we can see pics :p
  15. Congrats