So I saw the new mink bags today...

  1. the white ones with the large multi-color LVs on it. And while I could not stop fondling it, it WAS mink afterall. Where would someone use a bag like this? :confused1:

    They had it out with a White Suhali LARGE special order Lockit (a luggage piece). That was GORGEOUS.

    I think I touched it for a good five minutes. LOL
  2. Suhali, yes, white MC mink bag, no. The white MC mink bag reminds too much of mid-90's rave fashion.
  3. Isnt the mink bag like $12.000? I would be afraid to take it anywhere!
  4. I remember Linsey Lohan with a mink-monocanvas, I thought it was very sweet,
    if you like the white, go for it - think smart-ski lodge, metro-area, whereever there is money money, AND don't let it out of your sight !

  5. $12,000????

    I could get twelve fabulous bags for that amount of money, not to mention all of the Multicolore Minks that I would be saving from a terrible bag fate! :graucho:
  6. I haven't seen the mink bags yet (don't really have plans to either)...but I'm pretty sure I saw the Suhali special order Lockit in black. It was massive!
  7. I like 'em, but would really only be tempted if it came the regular mono colors:
    MC Mink Messenger $13,000.jpg MC Mink Messenger #2.jpg MC Mink Messenger #4.jpg MC Mink Huge Messenger.jpg
  8. They're nice but I'd be too afraid of ruining them. I have absolutely nowhere to wear them and they'd just be too extravagant for my daily activities. They ARE pretty though, especially the messenger.
  9. I dunno, I'm still waiting to be convinced.

    Luckily, it's out of my budget anyways ! :happydance:
  10. It's a gorgeous bag, no doubt! Just not for me (thankfully!).
  11. Kristan
    I stopped by the LV @ Valley Fair and saw that too. I love the White Suhali Piece, do you know how much that is?
    I stopped by to hopefully pick p a white MC pochette monnaie but the SA who was helping me didn't seem to really want to help me as i watched her picking at her nails. DH told me to call my SA in PA @ Neimans as she was really nice. I was a little disappointed too.
  12. I can't wait to see which celeb will be wearing this.
  13. I am not sure how much the Suhali piece was, however one of the other SAs said it would only take a month to SO. I was like wow, but I can't do white. LOL.

    We have a GREAT SA at the Valley Fair store, always greets us by name and with a hug.

    Did the SA picking her nails have blonde hair? I think I know who she is. She helped us the first time we went in but since we found our current SA we only go to her.
  14. i absolutely LOVE the mink collection :nuts:
  15. Kristan - she had blond highlights but not fully blonde. Who's your SA? I've had Thuy (i think that was her name) help me before and she was very nice and helpful. I'll have to look for her business card.