So I saw Ashanti today....

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  1. My poor baby doggie (the gray one in my avatar) swallowed something and needed emergency surgery this weekend.
    He was discharged from the animal hospital early this morning.
    Ashanti and her mom and a male companion (her assistant?) were also in the waiting room picking up her little baby doggie. Apparently he's very sick, vomiting and such. She had on a hat and big gucci glasses, but once I saw her face I knew it was her.
    It was very early a.m. and she still looked great considering.
    Her bod looked pretty fabulous as well.
  2. Is your doggie ok???? Not a big fan of Ashanti, but it's always cool to see a celeb! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Cool! :tup:

    Edit: Is your doggie okay?
  4. Aw is that a weim you have? I have one, they have a special place in my heart :love:. How's your poochie?
  5. hope yr doggir better...:tup:
  6. Aww! That's cool! I hope your puppy is okay!!!! You're puppies are tooooo cute!!!!
  7. aw cutie puppies!!!!!!! kool to see Ashanti though :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone!!
    He's doing better, seems he swallowed a very large piece of pineapple without chewing and it's been lodged in his stomach for weeks!! He just started showing symptoms..therefore the hospital visit....and surgery.
    He is on IV therapy at the vet..
    Ashanti's dog wasn't doing so well however..
    It was the littlest the BIGGEST LV carrier...
  9. Thanks for posting Chod... Glad your puppy is doing better.:heart:
  10. Best wishes to your puppy
  11. hmmm, i thought the main topic was seeing ashanti why is everyone asking about your pup instead? LOL.

    Nonetheless, hope your puppy get well soon! :smile:)