So I returned my black first...

  1. I just wanted to share: I just went to HR and returned my black first. :crybaby:
    I really liked it a lot, except for the fact that it seemed like it had one kind of lether on the front (thinner, more veiny) and another one on the back (thicker and more matte) and didn't seem as nice as some of the other new firsts I've seen recently. Also, I still REALLY have my heart set on a flat brass classique, so I've decided I should just keep waiting for "the one," rather than settle. Unfortunately, the sales lady was a bit of a b*&%$. I was within the return period and had my bill and everything, but she still gave me a bit of attitude about returning it, but whatever--it's just annoying.
    Ho hum. It's a bit of a downer, but I think I should just enjoy my city for now and wait for the one I really want. (At least my credit card is in a good mood now!) :P I realize now that it would be a lot cheaper to buy it in Seattle anyways if I can't find a fbf.
    Well, enough of my tale of woe. Sorry for the bad mood but you guys are the only ones I know who understand this stuff! :love:
    Thanks for listening/reading!
  2. Honestly, I think you made the right decision - you won't be happy until the one comes.... and even though waiting seems painful, it'll come! :heart:
  3. Thanks Mimi, you are a sweetie! :love:
  4. hey avery i'm glad you're happy that u returned ur FIRST... just hang in there... i know you'll find your dream FIRST... after all you should only get the b-bags u completely LOVE!!! all the best for your hunt!!! ***hugs***
  5. I agree with the other ladies, here. You did the right thing when you returned your Black First. You weren't happy with it. Your dream bag will come!:yes:
  6. Yep, agree with everyone else... I'm sure it was sad for you to return it, BUT you wouldn't ever be really happy with a 'new' black First because your heart has always been with the flat brass one. It WILL happen for you I'm sure.:smile:
  7. agree with everyone else.
    i think it's always best to hold out for your dreams!
  8. i agree w/ everyone! wait for it! it will come! :yes:
  9. "what she said" ^^ :tender:
  10. Thanks so much ladies--I appreciate your support! (When I asked my bf for his advice this morning he said "I dunno, they all look the same to me!") ;)
  11. I should definitely wait! It'll be worth it, and you will be SO much happier later on!

    I'm sorry the SA was's a lot of money to spend on something you're not in love with.
  12. ITA with you SuLi-girl :cutesy:
  13. Avery - I agree with everyone else. Once you do get your fb bag - then this one would have just sat in your closet or been sold anyway!

    Now - if you really want a "to tide me over" bag, I think a rouge vif city would be a bag you would love now, and also love post fbb!!! :heart:
  14. Hugs to you honey :heart: :tender: but hold on there, your dream b-bag will come shortly !

    Don't be upset about the SA :censor: . She is probably annoyed because she losted her comission but you have to think in yourself ;)
    and what it's going to make you happy. xx
  15. Thanks ladies, and you're right beaux, a red city will definitely tie me over and be a bag that I'll love for a long time! :love: :love: