so i really really REALLY want to find..

  1. the bumble bee cell lanyard.
    anyone know where I can find one?
    this summer I left it for the starfish but I recently sold it.
  2. I'll find you one tomorrow :p
  3. I don't have an eBay account, I know if I do, I won't be able to stop myself!!
  4. haha, yes, sadly, it is addictive. :biggrin: if you can't find one in stores, I can bid on one for you.
  5. ^^really?! you rock!
    and CONFESSION TIME: I only started wanting it after I saw anotheremptyskys LOL!
  6. good luck on getting the charm! and you are wise to not fall into temptation and get the eBay account. i waste a whole lot of time just looking at possible purchases...