So I peeked at my Xmas present...

  1. ...But its not my fault. It was sooo obvious! lol

    Here's the scenario: I finally convinced my sis to buy a speedy (She got the Mini Lin Speedy 30) Anywho, I'm holding my 7 month old niece and all the SAs are cooing at her, so I was conversing with them about baby stuff. I overhear my sister's SA mention something about a gift receipt (clue #1) Then, my sister's SA calls another SA over and whispers something to her. Next thing I know the other SA comes over and says, "Hey come look at some bags over here with the baby!" (clue #2) Who says that out of nowhere???? lol We leave the store and my sister leaves with one large LV bag and a smaller one. I later found out that my sis bought my mom a Monogram Speedy 30 as well...

    We get home and my sis is unwrapping her and my mom's bags but the smaller bag suddenly DISAPPEARED :wtf: lol Hmmm...where could it be?

    My sis just left and I suddenly had the urge to look in her closet. Found it!!! Of course I opened Get this, I tried it on too!!!! What is it you ask??? The Mini Monogram Multicolore Silk Scarf :yes: The big one.

    Now I must wait a whole month to wear it AND act surprised :nuts:

    *Side Note: A lady walked in with a Murakami Neverfull and all the SAs went crazy! Never saw it up close. The pictures do it no justice. Its gorgeous!
  2. Congrats! You have a very generous sister. Good luck waiting until Christmas.:p
  3. sneaky sneaky sneaky:sneaky:
  4. LOL Sounds great, I bet you cant wait for christmas, your sister is also very generous
  5. you should have waited! haha but congrats anyway
  6. ^^^ i just couldn't. Im sooo nosey!!!
  7. lol I've done this many times when I was little! searching for my presents and opening it! now you have to wait until Christmas!
  8. tsk! tsk! how will you ever wait another 30 days ... LOL! Now you gotta get her something special too!
  9. Your post made me giggle. :biggrin:

    Your so sneaky .... you even tried it on. *HeHe*

    Congrats and in a month don't forget to post pics!
  10. BAD GIRL!!!! But who am I to talk I would have done the exact same. :angel:
  11. Shame on you for peeking!! But yeah, I think I would've too!!! lmao! Congrats, I hope this next month goes by fast for you!
  12. Who doesn't peek? Congrats!! It's so gorgeous!
    (congrats though) and look SHOCKED!!!
  14. lol...bad girl! but lucky you!
  15. Congrats!! Your sister is very generous- you're very lucky! (Lucky for me, my brother doesn't care about LV, so I can just spend it on me and my mommy... LOL!)