So I packed my trenino!

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  1. I am to fit...about 6 shirts, two pairs of pants, 4 pairs of socks/undies/bra's set of pjs and one toki hoodie. not bad at all..and even some room left and it's not even bulging...

    is it bad that i packed 4 bags inside my campeggio!??!

    fyi...for you chicago girls, I will be in Chicago this weekend tomorrow morning we leave and will be there through sunday day...we'll probably check out a okay and maybe macy's state street as I have little time to shop...looking for apartments and all!
  2. Oh wow! That's quite a bit for the trenino! And its not bulging at all?!?! :nuts: I cant wait to use mine!!
    Socprof81, post pics please!! :greengrin:
  3. Wow...very cool. I want a trenino...but I do'nt think my bf will let me....said when we go to the mainland we're gonna get cheap kind lmfao....oh but how pretty treninos are...
  4. wow thats alot of things to pack in a trenino! :biggrin: Have a safe trip!
  5. have a great trip socprof!! I gave in and bought a citta trenino off of eBay the other day :push: I'm hoping to use it as my carry on for my vacation so I'm glad to know it can fit so much stuff!!
  6. Maybe we'll bump into each other!!! :yes: I'll be shooting (photo) a wedding and millenium park is one of their spots! I'll be using my inferno ciao ciao!!:tup:
  7. :roflmfao: 4 bags for a weekend? Don't feel dh gave me a hard time for bringing 3 Toki bags for a weekend wedding in L.A. last March. I explained to him that the A.S. Zucca was the perfect bag for the flight, but for the wedding I needed my black bambino, and for the day we spent in Disneyland, I needed my Arancia Bocce.

    I'm still trying to decide how many/which bags to bring to NYC in a week and half. Decisions decisions...
  8. I'm using my Trenino right now too! I was able to get ALOT of stuff in there -and room to spare. The trenino holds alot more than you think!!

    even if it bulges a little, the bag still looks cute! I guess it's cause it's boxy.. =)