SO I ordered my first LV ..........

  1. Damier Azur Speedy 25! I ordered on Wednesday, and the tracking said package on truck for delivery sooooooo I waited all day! I finally saw a fedex truck pass by my house at around 2 thought it would be it, and the guy JUST drove by :push: ... Left the house after that to go to work! AND now when i check it at 3:30 it says "customer not available"

    anyone know if they will try again tomm? Since its Saturday will it be earlier... I HOPE SOOO

    i can't wait :sweatdrop:
  2. usually they leave a lil note on the door . and states an hour that u can go pick up ure package at the fedex station ( also the address is on the note) or call. Good Luck and i know exactly how u feel. Good Luck.
  3. sorry to hear that but I think they will come back to your house the next day. Congrats on your first LV :yahoo: and Speedy 25 is a perfect choice to start with ;)
  4. I am so sorry.
  5. I'm sorry. But, you are going to love this bag. Congrats!!
  6. Pics when it arrives please!
  7. ^^^I can't wait to see pictures when you get it too!
  8. oh no, i hate how these companies are messing around w/our orders! Damier Speedy is such a lovely bag, definitely worth the wait!s
  9. congrats!!~ i have this bag myself and i LOVE it. ^_^
  10. Fedex does deliver on Saturday. So keep your eye out and post pics when she arrives.
  11. Can you go to the Fed-Ex place to pick it up? Last year I was waiting on mine and had to leave the house for about 45 minutes and of course, he comes while I was gone. I called and was able to go to the main place and pick it up.
  12. Congrats on your new LV! Sorry about Fedex!
  13. Call the fedex hub if you can. (Calling the Fedex general number will do that). Something simillar happened to me with UPS - they did the same thing the TWO days in a row too. I think the guy was just too lazy to get out of the truck!

    Of course after I complained I got my package at about 8am on the third day.

    I suggest you call and tell FedEx that you were home, but the truck didn't stop.
  14. Unless its express one day I dont think they will deliver on Sat. I think you should call and pick it up at local fedex. They usually close at 9 pm.
  15. Nope, FedEx delivers ground shipping on Saturday.