So I ordered my Damier Speedy 25 from eluxury on Sat and haven't heard

  1. that they shipped yet. Should I worry?
  2. Nah, it's prob. busy with the father's day coming up. Keep us posted though!
  3. Did you give them a call? I called them at least 5 times today regarding my Damier Speedy. I wanted to make sure that they shipped it today. :biggrin: They probably shipped it yesterday since you ordered it on a Saturday. Don't worry, just give them call.
  4. Just got an email that my Damier Speedy has been shipped :roflmfao:

    but it said that any packages over $500 require a signature. Well, I probably won't be home when they deliver. How do you guys usually handle this situation?
  5. Same happend with me... you can go pick it up from FedEx that night- it will leave the info on the back of the slip on your door. That is what I did and now I have my baby here with me!!! :love:
  6. Oh and where do they ship from? What city/state?
  7. That is good to know...I ordered (gulp!) TWO LVs on Friday and just got word tonight they have shipped. Eesh, my heart just skipped a beat!

    Virgo, we'll have to compare notes...and pix! :biggrin:
  8. (rant warning here)

    *Normally* one could just go pick the package up at FedEx. BUT you can't do that with the service that ELux is using: FedEx Home Delivery. It does not allow pickups at the terminal, it does not allow reassigning of signature to someone in another location (i.e. you can't say "oh it's okay if my neighbor signs for it") and it does not allow you to waive the signature entirely (i.e. you can't say "oh it's okay if you leave it anyway").

    None of these regular options with regular FedEx are available with Home Delivery. I know because I had a Jasmine delivered from ELux not quite 2 weeks ago. I ended up leaving work early and working from home on a Friday afternoon to make sure I was there for their 2nd alleged delivery attempt. (I say alleged because they never left a door tag after they claimed to have attempted delivery the 1st time, and the online tracking said my package was in an entirely different city!)

    They do deliver on Saturdays, and the delivery end time is 8pm, which is helpful, but only if they attempt to deliver that late to begin with. But the phone customer service is not very helpful (I had no way of telling them to not bother to try delivery before 6pm) and you are at the complete mercy of whatever delivery person/truck has your package, even more than usual, IMHO.

    That said, I'm sure yours will arrive safely. Just be aware that you can't go pick it up yourself at all. Good luck!

    I see that Megs was able to pick up her bag, so maybe they used regular FedEx for hers. I hope you are that lucky as well!
  9. Okay good to know. Thank you.

    I just checked the tracking and its due to arrive Thurs so I def won't be home. I will try to call and see if they can deliver Friday afternoon when I will be home.
  10. I believe that you can have it held at the terminal and pick it up there. I've done that with 3 or 4 elux shipments. They do have to make one delivery attempt, but as soon as you get the notice, call and ask to have it held.
  11. I just called elux and they said I could pick it up at the FedEx station the night of the first delivery attempt. Cool.

    Thanks ladies!
  12. That's great news! I still don't know why they refused to let me do that. I called FedEx three different times over 2 days and they insisted that the Home Delivery service would not let me do that. Jerks.
  13. That is wierd and annoying :sad: Hopefully they won't give me a problem.