So I ordered a Citta Rosa Ciao on clearance from Urban Outfitters...

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  1. And when it arrived today, I opened up the package and found a Citta Rosa Gioco.:confused1: Now, I am debating whether or not to return it. I don't have any other Citta Rosa prints and I actually don't have a Gioco either. I used to have a Fumo Solid Gioco that I sold several months ago. In theory I like the Gioco, I just always found it sort of annoying how everything shifts inside it.:push: But...Urban Outfitters is sold out, so I would not be able to get the Ciao at this point anyway...and I did get it 50% off (paid $79.99), so it's a better deal than the Ciao being on sale for $79.99 was. I do like the print placement too, so I guess as I write this I am convincing myself to keep it. What do you guys think?:girlsigh:

    Below is the inner label that that was on the plastic around the bag which states Ciao. The tag is on the bag that clearly says Gioco, so I guess someone was just clueless in the stock room.:shrugs:


    If I keep it, I will just get the Spiaggia next month in the Ciao style. I had been debating what style to get the next print in anyway, so this would at least settle my inner debate.
  2. KEEP IT!!!!! :yes:
    You can't go wrong with 50% off either and since you don't have a Citta Rosa or a Gioco so it makes perfect sense....everyone is so lucky to find such good deals...:girlsigh: It's a super cute bag!!!!!!! enjoy!!
  3. Pretty Citta Rosa Gioco. Definitely a keeper!
  4. I think it's cute. And the print placement is very good!!! :yes: Good price too......
  5. Keep it, you won't find a better deal at this point for that, unless you want to sell it for more to help pay for future prints. Who says you can't get the same style bag in another print, unless you really don't like the gioco.
  6. That's right! I now have 3 campeggios in diff. prints. They certainly don't look alike really! What a great deal! I've been wanting a citta rosa in something but have to get a deal on it. So....I don't have one yet. If I were you I'd say you were meant to have that particular bag! :yes:
  7. OMG when did you order that?? ive been DYING to get my hands on a Citta Rosa gioco and that's SUCH a good deal!! did you have to call a store or the warehouse directly? or did you find it on the website??
  8. I ordered it last Saturday night at Someone posted on the Livejournal Tokidoki community that they had Citta Rosa Ciaos for $79.99 and I jumped on it. Within minutes after I placed my order, they were sold out. They didn't even have giocos listed on their website, but obviously they had them. It might be worth a call to customer service.:graucho:
  9. I wonder why they didn't have more in stores this season. I swear I saw a pirata zucca one day on the website!
  10. I would definitely keep it. What a great bargain, and the print placement is fantastic!! Citta rosa is one of my favorite prints, next to the pirata.
  11. Okay I missed soemthing... **3** Campeggios? Last I knew there was just the one Amore. What else did you get????
  12. i would totally keep the gioco!

    i was really close to ordering a ciao from UO too. but then i decided i didn't "need" one. silly me...
  13. Keep it. The print placement is awesome and it's such a deal.
  14. wow I'll say thats a pretty good deal! Keep it :biggrin:
  15. It's a keeper in my opinion!:graucho: