So I never would have thought in a million years that I would need or want an adgenda

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  1. but apparently i do. at first i was like...omg seems like such a waste...and then i was looking at my planner...(i get a new one from my dads work every year) and i was like OMG...i pretty much LIVE life through my planner...soo thats like the same as an adgenda right???

    so i guess my question is....

    does everyone here think they are worth the money and also...when you buy one...does it come with like the breakdown calendar for the year or do you have to purchase that seperate?? and if it does come with it....will it automatically come with one for 2007??
  2. does anyone have a pic of the pages inside as an example??

    does it break it down by weeks or does it show the whole month??
  3. does LV make refills that show the whole month? I hate the weekly planners... You have to constantly flip back & forth between the weeks... I have to see the entire month in front of me!
  4. lol. i like to see week by week. (cause i like to write a lot and usually that means more room) lol.

    and PS i dont know why i keep spelling it with an extra d....i know its agenda...i swear im not an idiot!!!!! lol.
  5. Lol I never thought I'd need or want one until I saw the plum Suhali one. Then I fell in love :lol:
    They come with the refills for the year but you have to buy them each year. I think some people on this forum found a suitable and cheaper replacement though.
  6. Me neither. Then I saw the koala agenda and figured I would use it as a wallet also. Now I´m thinking of selling it again and getting a wallet. My life is not busy enough for a calendar :biggrin:
  7. lol thanks guys. so if i buy an agenda then it will come with the insert for the year?? is it the daily or weekly planner?? cause i was gonna buy one from someone that wanted 350 (300 for the agenda and 40 for the refill) but if it comes with one...wouldnt it just be cheaper to buy it right from LV??
  8. people buy filofax instead of the LV refills cause the LV refills are around $60 whereas filofax is about $10
  9. and no they don't come with the inserts
  10. I'm not sure which one it is mine, it has pages similar to a calendar (with the day blocks) then what I'm guessing is the weekly one with the lines to write notes.
    Anyway yes you get the current year's refills with the agenda but when you want to buy the one for the next year it's about $70 or so. That's why people came up with cheaper alternatives...I think you can get some at Office Depot for about $10.
  11. ohhh. okay thanks. where can i get the filofax?? just google it??
  12. lol. idk im real picking...i might spend the extra and just get the LV inserts at least for the first year
  13. oh i found it. eh ill stick with the LV ones...ya know i saw someone with a cerises agenda that had wicked cute animals and colored pages...does anyone know where to get those ones??/
  14. They change from year to year and it's one basic one. Right now it's just a white with beigy-pink colored areas and some vintage LV pictures.
  15. Lvbabydoll, did you get your current year refill for FREE? I know if you buy an agenda close to the end of the calendar year they will sometimes throw one in for free. But a friend of mine said hers was a separate charge in addition to the agenda. I bought mine in October, so they gave me the 2006 year for free.