So, I neeeeeeeed, NEED a Lily. Few Q's

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  1. I saw this bad boy in Medium at the store and decided I MUST HAVE NOWNOWNOW. Heh. But, I was wondering if anyone has heard any rumors about the XL coming back, and in more colors. I know there was talk in the Lily lovers thread, but just wondering if anything new has surfaced. Can't say I'm much of a fan of black or the camel and would prefer the XL. :heart:
  2. Sorry, I've not heard any news about the XL (11150) returning, but you could call JAX C/S to check if they have any info.

    There are several XL Lilys on eBay, some new and some slightly used. Over the past week, I saw at least 2 in Whiskey, they might still be available.

    Some tPFers have also seen Black in some outlets. So you might get lucky!:tup: