So I need to exchange..

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  1. Ok, I have the vernis pomme agenda and although beautiful, just not practical for me, so I am going to exchange for something and not sure what. Here are a few items that I do eventually want..

    1. mono cosmetic pouch
    2. mono pochette accesories
    3. mono small ring agenda

    Although I am saving for my next bag, this vernis agenda is a gift from my DH for VDay, so I must get SOMETHING.:P

    Which would you get?
  2. i love my cosmetic pouch...i think it's a must for everyone!!! =) good luck!!!
  3. Oh noes! Out of the three, it would definitely be the agenda! But this is probably one of the only Vuitton's in which I actually like it in Damier Ebene! (Although I made a pledge that I would never buy canvas again)!
  4. Pochette Accessories.
  5. Get a cosmetic case in Vernis. I looked at them before I bought my Toiletries 19 last week and I am still thinking about them. They are so beautiful PLUS they could probably double as a clutch!
  6. So far I think this one is at the top of my list. Right now I am using a coach large wristlet in patent leather blue, really pretty and works, but now that I have two LV bags, I want the mono cosmetic pouch, Thank you:smile:
  7. Thank you r15324, right now both my bags are mono and I am a matchy matchy kind of girl, so I cannot do damier until I get a damier ebony bag.:P
  8. I am debating most between this and the cosmetic pouch.:tup:
  9. Off topic, but did you end up getting the Tiffany pen?
  10. I would if these were still available, last time they were listed, it didn't last long before they were all gone:shucks:
  11. Not yet because I was waiting for the auction on the bay for the koala agenda. Had I won I would have ordered it by now. My heart is set on the blue Tiffany pen so I would need a mono agenda. Since I am returning the pomme vernis one, there is no need for the pink Tiffany pen:sad:
  12. Good luck with your agenda then! (And your pen) Instead of Mono, how about Nomade! :biggrin:
  13. Oh yes, I still want the Koala, thank you:biggrin:
  14. Hi,

    I see the small ring agenda is still on your list, so, may I ask why you say that your current pomme agenda is not practical?

    I have the mono cosmetic pouch and 2 agendas (a canvas, and a vernis), and I would recommend one of the LABELS agenda. They have the benefit of the canvas, but a little extra style, AND they're LE, so they are collectible :yes:
  15. Thank you, I say it is not practical because it feels too special or fancy for an agenda that I do not want to "pet"(might just be this color that makes me feel that way). Also, I really wanted the blue Tiffany pen and IMO is does not go well with the pomme. Now when I make the trip to LV I may even consider the blue vernis color, but I am discovering everytime I buy something other than mono (this is second time) it makes me want the mono even more, so I am going to stick with mono. As far as the labels, cute but I would like an agenda with a soft light color on the inside. I am also considering the T&B complice agenda that has the label on it. I like that one alittle more than the current labels in agenda.