so i need a tote (i think)

  1. i think i need a tote to carry my things to and from work this fall/winter. water bottle, sweater, camera, snack, files, etc... and my handbag! i would like something durable and stylish and in a color that wont be out of fashion next week! if possible, i would like to stay in the $200 range. you ladies seem to know it all! can you help me? thanks!
  2. I was in Banana Republic today and they had some nice handbags on the sale table in fall colors (toffee brown, coffee brown and black). They were 1/2 off ($90). Good size, nice braid trim and silver hardware. I got myself a tofee one.
  3. I'd go to a Coach outlet and look for an all leather in the size that you like best...and pick up accessories while you're there!
  4. I like that dutchy one.
  5. If I know I"m toting around a lot of crap, I just break out my old herve chapelier tote
  6. I love Longchamp totes!
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