So I missed the

  1. AR sale. Are these Chloe bags only 50% at AR or other places that sell Chloe as well?

    Is there anyone that could help me find the Chloe loaf or the large pocket tote?
  2. please????
  3. sorry you missed the sale! I know how you feel because I missed the NAP sale a couple of weeks ago, where the paddy's sold for 50% off and I was so bummed! I esp. liked the dove one! Anyhow...I don't know of anywhere selling the same items as Aloharag for 50 percent off...the last I checked the silverado in the hazelnut color was still's a good deal because at Neimans, the same bag is going for 2 grand... I would call AR and still make sure no one cancelled their order at the last minute and have them call you if someone does....

    The whiskey conteen is available still and I bought one for myself-- there are pics of a PFer with it and it looks so nice...perhaps you'd consider a conteen?

    Someone posted that Net-A-Porter will probablly have their yearly pre-christmas sale in December, very close to Christmas...perhaps some chloes will go on sale...

    also maybe you can score an Edith loaf at the Neiman Marcus designer handbag sale which will be next week, I think...look in the Deals and Steals section...a SA from NM said, Edith's will go on sale...but I don't know if they will have the loaf style...

    your best bet-- check here everyday a few times a never know when a sale will pop up, esp. now that it is end of the year and soon time for new colors to come out!

    Hope the above is helpful...! :shrugs: If I see a similar deal/sale for the loaf or silverado, I will post it here for you! ;)
  4. Thanks foryour help!:idea:
  5. There will be a Chloe Edith Loaf - Chocolate on ebay within the next 2 days - keep a look out.