So, I may be deterred from ever buying another Chloe again...

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  1. I bought my chocolate Tracy a few months ago in Italy because I fell in love with her. Soon after, her hardware just randomly started to loosen and fall off! I got Nordstrom to send her away which took LITERALLY four months (November-March) and I recently got her back and there are still hardware problems. I have NO idea what to do. I don't want to be deterred from ever buying another Chloe but I am really disappointed in their customer service! Opinions? Ideas? Help!
  2. sorry to hear and I fell your pain. My first chloe was an mousse front pocket paddy and after a few months the color started to fade all over the bag so I took it back to the Chloe boutique... no problem they said, we will send it back to be re-dyed. I was not a tpf'er back then so I said sure sounds OK. Fast forward at least 2-3 months and my bag comes back a stiff painted mess. The beautiful chloe leather destroyed:crybaby::yucky:. Of course by then, bag was sold out and on top of it they no longer make that particular style which l :heart:'ed. I got a credit which I used for my black elvire and have purchased 3 other Chloes since then :love:. I've had no other problems with those so I think they just have these isolated incidents if it's any consolation. Their CS does stink though. The one good thing out of my story is it led me here where I have made many great friends.

  3. Try rifling through this link?
  4. ^^ thanks for the link. The whole point is though, that I should not have to be repairing and spending an additional amount of money on a brand new bag that was already as high priced as a Chloe is. I might just have to resign myself to paying to get this one repaired and then just be aware that I may have to do it again in the future if I want to risk buying another Chloe.
  5. How frustrating! It's one thing when a cheap bag has problems, you don't expect much. But a Chloe is an investment and it's disappointing that they don't back up their merchandise and make sure their customers are happy.
  6. Can't you get a refund and buy something else? Chloe bags in general are very durable and incredible well crafted- this is obviously a faulty product.

    If it was only a few months ago that you bought the bag, you should have certain consumer rights- an expensive item should be fit for purpose. If the bag has already been repaired and the fault has not been remedied then that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Take your receipt back to the shop, with the bag, and kick up a fuss!
  7. I wish I COULD bring the bag back. I bought the bag when I was in Italy (at a reputable place) and then had Nordstrom send it out for me (where it was authenticated at Chloe - it is authentic) so basically I'm kind of stuck. I don't want to hold Nordstrom responsible because it technically wasn't their stock but they DID send it out for me like it was.

    I really did pay full price for this bag and it just saddens me that Chloe doesn't back it up. I really do love their bags.
  8. Oh dear- that is a nightmare. I would write a strong letter of complaint to Chloe and see if they offer to change the bag for you.

  9. :wtf:

    That's terrible. :tdown:

  10. :yes:

  11. Can you contact the original retailer and ask to send it back to them for a refund?

    I'd have thought that, as it was sent back to Chloe to repair (rather than to an independent repairer), that shouldn't affect your statutory rights, should it? :shrugs:
  12. Sorry to hear about the problem. Chloe has a quality control problem. Hang in there and be persistent with whoever you deal with at Chloe.
  13. I would love to do that. The retailer is pretty popular in Italy (or in the area I was in) but I am afraid that the language barrier will create a problem plus the bag could go missing and it just sounds like a disaster to me.

    I am assuming I could call Chloe and be pretty persistant. I mean, when they sent it from Nordstrom TO Chloe (who I am guessing has their own leather workers in NY?) the problem should have been solved. But since it hasn't, there should definitely be some responsibility held somewhere. Such a mess!
  14. One of my paddy handles have problems also and it's new. I contacted Chloe in NY direct and no answer to how or where to be fixed.
    I wish they had better after sale service and stand behind their products. Buying from 2nd hand or from other stores should not be limited to services as long as it's authentic.
    Sorry to hear the problems you are having :sad:

  15. Yes, I agree. :yes:

    Chloe should stand by their products and their repairs.