So I made the mistake of leaving a buyer feedback before I knew they were hap...

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  1. #1 Apr 25, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2014
    Happy.......I just got a message from a buyer saying happy with the condition if the item but felt let down by the postage charges.

    It cost me £5.80 P&P and I charged £7.50. I sent an exactly the same item previously and it actually cost me £7.50 which is more than I charged for the first item and this why in this item I charged £7.50 thinking it would be the same.

    It's was £25.00 item and the size of a back pack, so really large jiffy bag

    So I agreed to refund £1.70 which means I have not made a single penny on postage (I never do hence why I have a fraction short of the full 5 stars) And after petrol a weeny loss to be precise.

    The buyer isn't happy and demanding £2.50 to cover PayPal fees for a refund or else he will leave me a neg. he also is querying the cost of packaging which was £1.50!

    I am so annoyed and tempted to tell him to neg me even though I have 100% feedback.

    I left feedback already usual quick payment and friendly buyer as his comms had been

    What would you guys do? I am so angry at this penny pinching weasel

    Rant over apologies, long day wet and miserable in the UK and massive commuting troubles this morning on way to work

  2. Trouble is buyers expect P&P to be free these days or, at the very least, no more than the stamp cost.

    Of the £7.50 you charged for postage, ebay took 75p as their 10% charge. Buyers who never sell don't appreciate this either.

    I think you can report the email where you are requested to meet the buyer's demands or face negative feedback:

    I'd think about increasing your start price in future and offering free P&P (seeing as you are charged for it anyway by ebay).
  3. Thanks I didn't even realise I got charged on P&P too. So its actually cost me more after I refund him.

    Good point re free P&P - I dont sell that often now as there seems to be too many issues for genuine sellers. It was hardly worth it for this.

    Also when I do move in a bag. I tend to do BN with free P&P.

    Thanks again will take the neg on the chin and move on

  4. Do not refund a dime!! Since the buyer threatened with a neg feedback that's feedback extortion and if they do leave a neg, ebay will remove it as soon as you call.
  5. I wouldn't refund anything either. When I place a bid, I accept the P&P charges. I would never expect any refund on postage charges as the cost includes postage charges, packing materials, time to pack and get the item to the post office.

    The same way I would never expect to be asked to pay more than is quoted in an auction.
  6. Thanks I said this to him too, he knew what the P&P was when he bid, if he didn't like it he shouldn't have bid

    I've been overcharged many times, you don't know it at the time of course but I knew what I was committing too and I just move on.

    I factor into my max bid the postage, especially on low value items

    Thanks, penny pinching weasel
  7. I've already agreed to it, I think what I found more annoying was he questioned my integrity over the cost of the jify bag, fair enough if I had re used an old one. It was massive and from the post office and heavy duty, I thought £1.50 was reasonable
  8. I'd also report him for feedback extortion. I haven't the link, but I'm pretty sure it's been posted before so hopefully you could find it if you searched.

    I wouldn't worry about a neg if you're left one, though I would advise you take the time to respond to it. I always look for responses to neg feedback and if they are clear and measured, it always makes me think more of someone and would certainly not stop me from bidding on their auctions.

  9. Thanks so you don't recommended I leave "penny pinching weasel"?

  10. I agree with the others I wouldn't refund anything, he knew the price he agreed to. P&P includes more than just the postage, what annoys me is why E-bay think they should get 10% of the P&P, they should be satisfied with the fee on the actual goods.

    As others have said I don't think most people who are just buyers realise ebay take a cut.
  11. I don't recommend you leave any feedback. If you leave "penny pinching weasel" the buyer can report you for leaving a soft positive feedback and he will have it removed.
  12. Thanks and sorry I was just jesting, I already left him feedback as soon as he paid.
  13. I didn't even realise about this fee.

    DH just buys on ebay and this was one of his items and even he said they need some competition as they are getting greedy.

    I'm hoping any future potential buyers will see past this neg if he does leave it.

    Thanks all and night
  14. It's definitely feedback extortion so if the messages were through ebay, report them and also, report the buyer using the link for reporting a problem buyer. (Feedback extortion in this case is demanding something that's not part of the listing or she'll neg you.)

    As for shipping, ebay DOES allow sellers to charge a reasonable handling fee on top of the actual postage. The handling fee would include envelopes, boxes, tissue, tape, shipping labels, etc. and IMO, a handling fee of $3 on top of shipping isn't something I would balk at. I know sellers have overhead and I don't mind paying for the convenience of buying online and having items shipped to my door.

  15. Postage was not charged the 10% few years ago. At that time eBay made a big deal of ending peoples listings where they felt circumvented this fee. So they gave rules like "if your item is $7.51 postage to ship you can charge $8 for shipping but cost of supplies, gas etc must not be included as they should be calculated into your selling or bid start price".

    I guess eBay got tired of enforcing this so they decided to charge fees on p&p.