So I made a huge haul at the Houston boutique, and anyone find the boy bag fussy?

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  1. Hey guys!

    This is your other threads (silver top handle boy and Chanel quality question) poster, reporting my adventures in Chanel-dom! I am a new resident here, but that pixie dust has had its way with me!

    Here's what I ended up with between my first purchase (top handle boy) and the haul in Houston. Woo hoo!! All but the boy seem to be SO easy to use, get in and out of, etc, but my poor boy. He topples over with his chains when I open him, he can't hold much of anything, and he definitely requires 2 hands for operation. His insides need constant rearranging, and his chains clank on tables and counters. He's a hunk for sure, but a little on the high maintenance side. I go back and forth with wanting to break up with him. Anyone else wanna chime in on that one?

    By the way, the Pagodas, wow. Perfect size, soft leather, leather inside, good pockets inside, nice outside pocket, shoulder or crossbody, etc. Loving this bag!!

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  2. I love the Pagoda's, can you fit an iphone 6 plus in there? I don't use my Boy bag as an every day bag, nor do I find it to be super user friendly. I tend to only buy Boy bags that are unique and this one I also loved for the look, the handle and the back pocket. Would he work as a stand in date when the others need a break?

    BTW, I'm drooling over your haul. Really loving the Chevon Mini's-those don't fit a iphone 6 plus either do they? Can you tell my 6 plus is important? Those of us with poor near eye sight will understand.

    And that Trendy CC, she is lovely.:cool:
  3. HOLY COW, you got all of these bags?? I think SO if I'm reading your post right - I love them all! I love that you managed a pretty diverse mix of them, too, as far as colors/styles/materials go!

    I would not break up with your boy - I have one that's on the heavier side and it's just too cool to pass aside --
  4. Hi Gail!

    So I made out like a bandit at the store! I decided to cancel some other preorders from that 'other brand' in lieu of getting some things that I got to see, touch and feel in the store. Wow, did they have EVERYTHING. I posted some pics of their stuff but literally they had like neon patent leather boys in all colors and minis and some cutout leather flower mini flap in black and just all kinds of stuff.

    So. The square pagoda, it's bigger than the rectangle one, and it holds A LOT. Way more than the old med boy. Way more. Here are a couple of pics with my iPhone 6, not plus, but you can see the room....

    And with my boy, ugh, of course right after I posted this, I went to get some cash out of it, lifted the flap, it fell backward and now I have black marks all over my walls. Good news is, the boy is intact, but it killed the wall :smile:

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  5. I did get all of these! I am a little loco and I know it. I had a blast, and got things that I LOVED. The trendy is to die for, and the silver chevron, wow, the material is amazing. The pagodas are so fun and casual, easy easy.

    And you're right, the boy is badass, the hot hunk you go on a date with when you need the extra cred in front of your friends, but you don't take him home and chill with him or he'd drive you nuts! He's definitely the narcissist of the bunch :lol:

    It's the chains that make me crazy. Maybe all mixed in with the top handle it becomes kind of a mess. I use the top handle to grab the bag, which is why I initially got it, but when you do that the chains go everywhere, so it's almost easier to grab by the chains? And then the chains get all mixed up in the top handle. I don't know. I was so loud on the plane yesterday grabbing this thing from behind my head. Seriously, if we keep dating, it's only because he's hot. That's it :smile:
  6. Ok here are pics of the old medium boy to the square pagoda .... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465327154.750529.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465327163.836196.jpg
  7. Thanks for the comparison pics. I saw a Pagoda the other day and thought it was really cute. The size is deceptive from the outside. I only want a few Boy bags, seriously they aren't very practical. Be glad you fell in love with one that will crossbody!

    Is that a silver chevron or a grey?
  8. WOW, great haul! Enjoy your new bags!
  9. Well, I am SERIOUSLY excited for your amazing bags! Awesome work!!

    And LOL I know, I feel that way about my boy bags, too. I have a small one and it's almost ridiculous how little it fits and how hard it is to get in and out of, but he's BEAUTIFUL. LOL.
  10. Wow, what a haul! Enjoy!!

  11. Thank you guys! Seriously I had so much fun. Like clearly too much. I'm so glad I don't live next to a boutique. I'd be on house arrest.

  12. I switched to the red pagoda just now. I am going to carry that for a little while and if I really have less of a migraine using it I may break up with my boy and get something a little more compatible. After all I'm 43 he's like 25 in bag coolness. You know. If age mattered.
  13. OMG this is the coolest reveal ever!!
  14. awesome haul!!! congrats!
  15. Great haul!! Congrats!!