So I Lied...MORE August purchases...all Purple of course :)

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  1. I thought I was all done for the month but I need instant gratification

    Seriously ladies...this purple craze is addicting...i need to go into rehab lol

    I think its because i have been deprived of purple coach for so long...

    here's some new from ebay b/c I just couldn't wait until they came

    I LOVE THIS!!! My bf bid on it for me while I was taking a practice LSAT at my prep course...


    The rest were BIN all each under 40

    Gotta LOVE this METALLIC!!!!!


    And of course I wasn't TOTALLY irresponsible...i bought textbooks too...with the money I saved I was able to buy these...but my school scholarship refund did find some of these purchases :shame: it pays to be smart in school sometimes :P
  2. Wow! I love all of your new purchases! Congrats!
  3. You are just crazy for purple....but you always have great taste. I LOVE the metalic purple wristlet!
  4. woohoo! I love purple too! I love them all :heart:
  5. the metallic looks cool! congrats on your purchases purple queen lol!
  6. Cute stuff!
  7. OMG I love anything Purple as well , but you are way ahead of me with the addiction :P I totally love all your purchases they are very pretty :woohoo::woohoo:
  8. heh. you're funny. congrats on your new purch purple queen! :P
  9. Purple rocks!:rochard: I love it all!
  10. Wow girl.....I'm so envious of you! COngrats! You got so many great new things! I love the newest additions!!!
  11. thank you all!!! I'm super excited!! but i thiiinnnkkkk i'm finished now...for a while...i'm exhausted...i keep an excel spreadsheet with all my coach and other designer stuff and i can't keep up with it all
  12. I love all your purple stuff! I collect magenta accessories.
  13. So do you think that amethyst mini skinny would be big enough to be used as a small wallet?
  14. OMG I'm so glad you won this!!! I had put in a bid on it the other day (and was the one you were bidding against the whole time lol) but I won a similar one without pleats yesterday and I was so hoping I wouldn't win this one too but I didn't want to retract my bid! :sweatdrop: lol!!!! Sorry if my early bid jacked the price up... I was willing to pay quite a bit for it but then got the other one lol oops!

    Love everything, I'm totally fanatical about purple too lately... I think I just got tired of pink or something. Congrats, everything is gorgeous!
  15. more purple beauties eh?
    very nice!!! especially the metallics...